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Evosus - Minimum Software Requirements
Details: Technology is an ongoing investment. Just like your car or truck, there's not only an initial investment. You have to change the oil, rotate the tires and get some fixes from time to time. Technology is the same. By investing in ongoing maintenance you'll avoid most major issues and keep your business running smoothly. I...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes Version 6.6
AR Evosus Card Services Evosus Mobile Services Installer Integrations Inventory Job Costing Maintenance Contracts Marketing Reports Sales Service System 6.6.135 6.6.215 6.6.305 6.6.408 6.6.500 6.6.700 6.6.701 6.6.702 6.6.704 Details: How do you install version 6.6? See the Installation and download instructions for information on installi...
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Evosus Mobile Services
Evosus Enterprise - Version 6.6 download and installation instructions
Details: You need to know the following before you start...  - You must be logged in as ADMINISTRATOR to install the application. Installing the application while logged in with another account WILL cause problems. If you don't have access to the ADMINISTRATOR account, you need to contact your IT Support and have someone with access to t...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes Version 6.5
Evosus Card Services Now Includes EMV Capability Magnetic-stripe credit cards have been around since the 1960s and use the same technology as cassette tapes. The United States is actually one of the last countries on the planet that is still using them, and it is one of the reasons why the US leads the world in credit card fraud. In an effort...
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Version 6.4 - Download and installation instructions
Step by Step Instructions: Step 1: Review the basics  - If you are using version 6.0 or 6.1, we need to help you with your update. Contact support.evosus.com to get started.  - Only install an update on Monday through Thursday. Account Management is available during our regularly scheduled hours of Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 4:00PM PT. Any upd...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes Version 6.4
Accounting Recurring Transactions **NEW FEATURE** Recurring transactions can now be created for AP Invoices, Credit Card transactions & GL Entries.  Each of the above transactions includes a Make Recurring button where you can schedule the recurrence pattern.  You can select a start date, end date and recurrence pattern.  The originating tr...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes version 6.3
Customer         Sales Order Sales Orders now lock when multiple users attempt to access the same transaction.  Once a user has opened a Sales Order no other user can access the same order until it has been closed by the first user. A message will display noting employee and time they opened the order. Locks will be dropped after 20 minutes.  T...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes version 6.2
POS         Dynamic Kits Dynamic Kits can now be sold through POS. Payment on Account Fixed intermittent issue where clicking Customer Payment on Account in POS would cause Evosus to exit. SOIs Fixed issue where SOIs could be sold through POS if they were included in a static kit.  SOIs are no longer allows to be sold via POS using kits. Return...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes version 6.1
Before upgrading from version 6.0, make sure that you check out the 6.1 Pre-Release Requirements. POS         Cash Counter POS Cash Counter now supports Australian currency when logged into an Australian database. Negative Inventory Quantities When completing a POS transaction, Evosus will check to see if the delivery of the items will res...
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6.1 Pre-Release Requirements
Details: Every release includes changes that may impact how you use Evosus in your business. Typically, these changes are relatively minor and can be covered in Release Notes. Sometimes, the changes are more significant and will not only impact processes, but may require additional setup and review for users. We want you to be properly prepare...
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Evosus Enterprise - Release Notes Version 6.0
POS         Hold Transactions Voided items are no longer saved when POS transactions are placed on hold.   Customer         Kits Kits will now print according to the kit setup selections (print items, print item prices, etc). Previously, the first kit added to the transaction would dictate how all other kits would print. Kits Kit line items a...
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PA-DSS Implementation Guide
Details: In order to address the growing national and international concern for securing credit card information, Visa began to develop standards and announced the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) in April, 2000. These standards became required in June of 2001 for all entities that store, process, or transmit Visa cardholder data...
Evosus Release Version 6.7
It's extremely important to review the Release Notes before ever updating your Evosus version. Please take time to review the 6.7 release improvements below and distribute to your team before scheduling your update.  INTEGRATED CARD PROCESSING UPDATE: Evosus is now integrated with two card processors in version 6.7: OpenEdge and TSYS....
Evosus - Version 6.7 Download & Installation Instructions
Details: Before Attempting This Software Update: #1 Do NOT upgrade if you're using OpenEdge for Card Service and you're currently using Evosus version 6.4 or below. #2 If you are currently running an Evosus version 6.2.xxx or lower then STOP and contact your Evosus Account Manager. #3 Designate who will install the software ...
How To Install Evosus On a Local Workstation
Details: If you have Evosus locally installed on a workstation, there will be times when you need to reinstall the application or update to a newer Evosus version, depending on the Evosus version you have installed on your server.  Important Notes:  - Evosus will not run on local machines if their version of Evosus does not match the vers...
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