Docs and Pics - Overview
Related Video Content: Details:  Docs and pics support drag-and-drop from Windows folders, multi-level folder structure, and default folders created under system parameters. Adding Files to Docs/Pics There are two primary ways to add a new file to Docs/Pics: #1 Add Files Individually: This allows you to open the Windows Explorer windo...
Right Click to Cancel an Order
Related Video Content: You can quickly cancel a sales order or service order by right clicking on a customer on the Customer tab. Watch the video below for more detailed information. Step by Step: Sales or Service Orders can be canceled as long as they have not been invoiced. Orders may need to be canceled if the customer decides the...
Cancel order
Service Order
Right Click Email in Customer Preview Screen
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Customer Email
Drag and Drop Documents and Pictures
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Enter a Customer Country Without Choosing a State
Issue: The State field is required when entering a customer address, so what do you do if the country has no states - for example, the Cayman Islands? Resolution: Step 1: Go to Administration > System > System Parameters > Default Country and in the value field enter “KY” for Cayman Islands Step 2: Close this screen and then exi...
Customer Country
System Parameters
Customer Refund - Cancel Sales Order and Give Refund
Step by Step: Follow the steps below if a customer makes a payment against a sales or service order, and now wants to cancel the order and has requested a refund: Step 1: Go to the customer profile. Step 2: Select [Credit Memos] from the profile menu. Step 3: Look to see if there is a Customer-Deposit Credit Memo in the amount of the reques...
Cancel Sales Order
Customer Refund - Sales/Service Order Not Created Yet (Unapplied Payment)
Step by Step: Follow the steps below if a customer makes a payment before the sales or service order has been created, changes their mind a couple of days later and now wants a refund. This is called an Unapplied Payment. Step 1: Go to the customer profile. Step 2: Select Credit Memos from the profile menu. Step 3: Look to see if there is a...
Customer Refund
Refund Unapplied Payment
sales order
Service Order
Customer Refund - Customer Made Payment to Sales/Service Order But Payment Applied to Wrong Order
Step by Step : Follow the steps below if a customer makes a payment to a sales or service order but the payment gets applied to wrong order. Step 1: Go to the customer profile. Step 2: Select Credit Memos from the profile menu. Step 3: Look to see if there is a Customer-Deposit Credit Memo in the amount of the requested refund. It will have...
Customer Refund
Wrong Order
customer payment
Print Customer Labels
Details: You can mass highlight and print multiple customer labels from the following screens in Evosus: - Action Items - Maintenance Contract Search - Search Service Schedule List View You can print single labels in the following screens: - Right click>Other Functions - My Leads - My Customers - My Quotes - My Orders &...
Customer Labels
Add New Credit Memo
Related Video Content:  Use the Credit Memo tab to add an account credit to a customer’s account or make adjustments to existing credit. Step by Step: Create A New Credit Memo  Credits can be applied to transactions such as invoices, statement charges, finance charges and POS transactions. Credits are created via Return refunds or m...
Credit memo
Update Credit
Void Memo
Write Off
Unapply Credit Memo
Customer Finance Charges
Details:  Use the Finance Charges tab on the Customer screen to assess finance charges and view all existing finance charges on a specific customer account.  You may also pay and/or cancel finance charges using this screen. Statement charge versus finance charge:  - Finance charge: A fee added to a customer's outstanding balance due to ...
Finance Charges
Statement Charge
Cancel Finance Charge
Cancel Charge
Customer Communication Methods - Overview
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Communication Method
Add New Lead or Customer
Step by Step: Add a new lead or customer to the application to track all marketing, sales, and service information pertaining to that person.  Adding a Lead to the system triggers the marketing in Evosus® by creating Action Items reminding sales people to follow up with the active lead. Adding a New Customer to the system allows you to create ...
Add new Lead
Add new Customer
new leads
new customer
Customer Search
Related Video Content: Email a customer: Right click to cancel an order: Right click to view service schedule: Set Default Search Options: Step by Step: Use the Customers tab on the main menu to quickly locate customer accounts. Step 1: Input the search criteria and press Enter. The search results appear in the lower portion...
Customer Search
Default Search Options
Right Click
Inactive Customers
Related Video Content: Details: The application does not allow users to delete leads/customers, but you can make a customer inactive so that they will not appear in the customer search.  You might make a customer inactive for the following reasons: #1 Duplicate customer accounts - You can actually merge customers. #2 No longer wish to...
Inactive Customers
Search customer
Reactivate Customer
Customer Screen > Options tab - Field Description
Details:  The Options menu allows you to specify settings for the customers #1 Payment Terms: Enter the payment terms for this customer. The payment terms will print on a customer order. Payment terms are created and maintained using the Payment Terms screen ( Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Payment Terms). #2 Sales Ta...
Lock Sales Orders
Lock Customer Account
high volume order
Add Phone, Email, Address to a Customer
Step by Step:  Add multiple email and phone contacts for a customer. One number and one email will be marked as the default. The default phone number will appear on the Customer Profile and will always print on orders. Add a new phone Step 1: Open the Contact Info tab on the Customer screen (Customer > Select a customer). Step 2: Select ...
Update Customer
Add new phone
Add new email
Add new address
Add Equipment to a Customer Location
Step by Step: View, add and update all Equipment available at the customer's location. This list automatically populates with Serial Numbered items sold out of Evosus. However, equipment can be manually added to the list if the customer did not purchase their existing equipment from your store. All the items available on this list will al...
Add Equipment
customer location
Progress Bills
Step by Step:  Use progress bills to bill a customer without creating a sales or service invoice. A progress bill is similar to a Statement Charge and is not associated with inventory. Progress bills are treated like credit memos that can be applied to the invoice once it is paid. Add New Progress Bill Step 1: Open the customer ( Customer &g...
Progress Bills
Void Progress Bill
Add an alert to a customer account
Step by Step: Use alerts to notify other employees about something specific on a customer account.  Alerts pop up whenever this customer's account is accessed or immediately prior to making a payment.   - Examples of alerts might be "COD" or "Do Not Work For."   - An alert is used primarily for informational purposes...
Add Alert
customer account
Add Alternate Name to Customer
Step by Step:  Add an alternate name to a customer account to make it easier to locate that account no matter what name the customer gives you. Children, spouses, siblings, friends and roommates can all be added as alternate names on a customer account. Example: If Bill Smith has his sister Jill Johnson as an alternate on his account you may s...
Customer Name
customer alternate name
Customer Attributes - Overview
Details: Use customer attributes to collect pertinent customer data to group or classify your customers. For example - Marital status, Profession, Annual Income, First-time Buyer, etc. Once these attributes are assigned to customer accounts, you can use them for the following: #1 Filter Marketing Lists to facilitate the creation of mailing l...
Customer Attributes
Add Customer Specific Pricing to Customer
Details: Use the Pricing tab on the Customer screen to add customer specific pricing to a customer (Customer > Open a customer > More Options > Pricing sub-tab).  - Pricing can be created for specific items or entire product lines (including sub-departments).   - Special pricing is automatically applied to an item when added to an o...
Specific Pricing
Customer pricing
Update Pricing
Customer Audit Log
Details: Use the Customer Audit Log to see changes made to customer transactions (Customer > Open customer > More Options > Audit Log sub-tab). For example - transaction type, transaction date, status, amount, description, employee and store are available for review.   - Transaction Entry Date and Transaction Post Date are listed sep...
Audit Log
Create Follow Up Action on Customer
Step by Step: Use the Action Items tab on the Customer screen to add a manual follow-up action items to a customer.   These follow-ups will appear in the My Action Items list for the assigned employee(s). Step 1: Go to Customer > Open a customer > Marketing > Action Items tab. Step 2: Click Add. The New Action Item screen appears. ...
Followup action