How is a tax code applied to a transaction?
Related Video Content: Details: The application determines the appropriate tax code based on the transaction origin and specific information about the customer (for example, the customer's physical location, or exemption status).  - When selecting which tax code to apply to a transaction, the application uses a specific hierarch...
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Apply Tax to Vendor Invoice - Canada/Australia
Step by Step: There are two ways to apply tax to vendor invoices. You should only enter tax using one of these options. If you use both options on a single invoice, the tax will be applied twice. Option 1: Profile tab of the New Bill screen Use the Tax, GST Tax, and PST Tax fields on the Profile tab of the New Bill screen (Administration >...
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How Are Taxes Set Up and Calculated?
Related Video Content: Details: Tax Codes are made up of one or more Tax Authorities. For example, if the Washington Sales Tax is 8.5% then the Tax Authorities that make up the tax code might be Seattle tax of 6% and Washington State tax of 2.5%. This would then make up the 8.5% Washington Tax Code.  - Tax Authorities must be created...
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How Do You Update Tax Rates?
Step by Step: Occasionally, you must update your tax authorities in Evosus when tax rates are changed at the state or local level. There are two options for updating sales tax in Evosus based on the rules imposed by the state or local tax authorities. Option 1 - Update Tax on Existing Orders Select this option if tax must be updated on al...
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Sales Tax, Use Tax, Business Tax, and Receipts Tax
Related Video Content: Details: Sales Tax Sales tax is based on the retail price of an item and it can be applied to quotes, orders, and job bills. When an item is invoiced, the sales tax will appear on the invoice, and on the Sales Tax Due Report. Sales tax cannot be applied to job materials since materials in job do not have a ret...
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Destination Based Tax
Receipts Tax - Overview
Step by Step: Several states have imposed excise taxes in an attempt to collect revenue from specific sources.  An excise tax is, in simplest terms, is a special tax. Since jurisdictions use “Receipts tax” and “Excise tax” interchangeably, we have adopted the term “Receipts Tax” in the software as that is most descriptive of what is actually g...
Receipts Tax
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Create a Tax Authority
Details: Tax authorities are the taxing agents you pay the tax too. The tax authority determines the following: #1 Tax rate #2 How the tax is calculated #3 How the tax is applied. Step by Step: Step 1: Open the Tax Authorities tab on the Accounting Setup screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Tax Authorities). ...
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How To Print HST Business Number On Documents
Step by Step: Follow the instructions below to have your HST # print on documents. Step 1: Go to Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Tax Authorities Step 2: Double click on Sales Tax-HST  Step 3: In the Print This Message field, type in your HST # Step 4: Click OK to save Here is an example where this informatio...
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