Sales (Orders, Quotes, Promotions, Point Rewards, Commissions)

Add an Order Flag - Overview
Related Video Content: Why Order Flags are cool… They allow for easy filtering and reporting of orders and can be used in conjunction with Order Queues to help you and your co-workers nail down a slick process for any order management scenario. Not using Order Queues yet? Check out these two free videos. Details:  What’s an Ord...
Order Flag
Commissions - Setup/Configuration
Details: Before you start: Set up the commissions GL accounts The default commission expense and commission payable accounts are set up using the Accounting Defaults screen. Step 1: Open the Accounting Defaults screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Defaults). Step 2: Open the Accounts Payable tab. S...
Commission period
Order Queues - Overview
Related Video Content: Manage Order Queues Add New Queue Details: Use order queues to replace the phone calls, faxes and guesswork that accompany order processing. Every piece of information you need to move a transaction through the order process can be controlled and recorded within the Order Queue.  - Order Queues are used ...
Order Queues
Adding Queues
Point Rewards Program - Overview
Related Video Content: Setup Details: Point reward programs allow customers to accrue points based on purchases and then receive rewards when an award level is reached or the program ends. You can also assign loyalty cards to customer accounts so that employees can scan the card at POS and pull up the customer’s account. Depending ...
points reward
Sales - Overview
Related Video Content: Order Invoicing Invoice an order, take customer payments, perform write offs, and cancel/void an invoice. Order Processing Create a sales order, assign serial numbers, and receive deposits on an order.  Adding Leads, Creating Quotes, Using Kits, Promoting Quotes to Orders Enter a lead, create a quote, and promot...
Order Processing
Order Invoicing
Adding Leads
Creating Orders
Using Kits
Promoting Quotes to orders
Add order queues
search and view order queues
Unlock a Locked Sales Order
Issue: I am locked out of an order that said its locked by me. I am unable to find a way to unlock it. The system froze while in a service order about 15 minutes ago. I closed out of Evosus and tried re-entering the service order but received the same message. I tried restarting my computer as well but I am still unable to access the order. ...
locked sales order
Receiving Action Items When Changes Made To Sales/Service Order
Issue: Manager, Supervisor, or Employee receiving action items when there are changes made to a Sales Order when they are not the Primary Sales Person associated with that Sales Order. Resolution: When a Manager, Supervisor, or Employee mysteriously start receiving action items when changes are made to a Sales Order when they are not t...
Receiving Action items
sales order notification
service order notification
Process a Layaway Order
Details: A layaway order is where you put an item or service on a sales order and the customer makes payments on the order until the item is completely paid off, at which point the customer gets to take the item home.  - You can also use this process to track your rent-to-own program. In this case, you just need to mark the item as delivered ...
reporting layaway
Credit Memo Auto-Created for Customer Unenrolled in Points Reward Program
Issue:  Credit Memos for Points Rewards are Being Auto-Created after Customer has been Un-Enrolled from Program. Resolution: Points Reward Programs can be set up so that points are accrued through Sales/Service Orders. In this scenario, if the customer has accrued enough points, a Credit Memo will be awarded when the order is invoiced...
Points Rewards
Credit Memos
Trade-In Process
Step by Step: Part 1: Receive Trade-In Spa #1 Sell New Spa and discount it for the value of the Trade-In using a "Trade-In"Discount Reason.  - Set the Discount Reason up under Administration>Sales>General Setup>Discount Reasons and use a unique general ledger account. #2 Add the Trade-In Spa as a Stock type item to Evosus us...
Charge Shipping on Sales/Service Order
Step by Step: What is the best way to charge shipping to a customer? Is there an automated way to charge shipping based on home delivery or in-store pick-up?  - Currently, there is no automated feature that calculates and adds charges for shipping. Some clients calculate shipping based on mileage and they enter this charge on the items tab o...
Freight Charge
shipping charge
Orders and invoices
Non-Serialized Equipment Tracking
Details: Non-serialized items can be tracked as equipment for service maintenance and warranty purposes.   - Non-serialized equipment tracking is similar to serial number tracking in that Evosus automatically adds the item to the customer's Equipment Profile and starts warranties when the item is delivered.   - Non-serialized e...
Equipment tracking
Non-serialized equipment
Add a Sales Transaction Attribute Label
Details: Use sales transaction attributes to collect demographic or pertinent sales transaction data. Sales transaction attributes are different from customer attributes because they are specific to an order. Sales transaction attributes are added from within a customer order and generally contain equipment information or service performance i...
Sales Transaction
Add Sales Promotion
Details: Create a sales promotion to set the pricing of one or more items for a specific period of time. The discount will automatically be taken off the order during the promotion time frame. The promotion selling price will automatically be used unless the item is in a kit (the kit pricing overrides an individual item discount price) or if t...
Sales Promotion
Add Employee Sales Goals
Details: You can set up and track employee sales goals as a sales management tool. Once the sales goals have been set up, managers and employees can quickly see their progress towards their sales goals by clicking 'My Sales Goals' on the Employee tab of the main menu. An employee can have multiple sales goals for any date range and/o...
Sales Goals
Sales Goals - Overview
Details: Sales goals can be set up and track sales goals for employees and stores.  - Employee: Once the employee sales goals have been set up, managers and employees can quickly see their progress towards their sales goals by clicking 'My Sales Goals' on the Employee tab of the main menu. An employee can have multiple sales goals f...
Sales Goals
Add/Update Terms and Conditions
Details: Set up the terms and conditions that print on customer and internal documents. You can also add an RTF document to the terms and conditions so that it prints whenever the specified type of document prints; however, any text entered in the Terms & Conditions setup screen will NOT print if an RTF document is associated. It is not re...
Terms and Conditions
custom form
Return Reasons
Step by Step: Return reasons are associated with returns so you can track why a product was returned. Step 1: Open the Search - Order Return Reasons screen (Administration > Sales > General Setup > Return Reasons). Step 2: Click Add. The Add - Order Return Reasons screen appears. Step 3: Description - Enter the return reason, e.g. ...
Return reasons