Admin/System Setup

Gift Certificates - Overview
Step by Step: Step 1: Create the gift certificate liability account When a gift certificate is sold, a liability GL account is credited for the amount of the gift certificate. The customer is prepaying for the right to receive goods in the future, and this obligation is recorded in the liability account.  - Use the Chart of Accounts screen (...
Gift Certificates
Redeem Gift Certificate
System Parameters - Field Definitions
Use the System Parameters screen to configure parameters in the application (Administration > System > Evosus Defaults > System Parameters). System Tab: Default Country: This will be the default country that each address automatically starts with. Use the two character abbreviation ("US" for the United States and "C...
System Parameters
System Tab
Marketing Tab
Inventory Tab
Order and Invoices Tab
Email Tab
Accounting Tab
POS tab
Service Tab
Printing Tab
Customers Tab
Evosus Card Services Tab
Maintenance Contracts Tab
Industry Integrations Tab
Management Dashboard
Mail Merge - Overview
Details: If you still perform mail merges for letters sent by mail, we recommend sending mass email instead! That’s right! You can use mail merge in Microsoft Word to create a mass email using an MS Excel spreadsheet with mail merge fields and email addresses! This allows you to send mass emails without using a mail manager like Constant Conta...
Mail Merge
Create New User Account / Add New Employee
Step by Step: Follow the steps below to create a new employee. When you create a new employee, you can also create a new Evosus Enterprise user account. Step 1 : Input the basic information #1 Go to Administration > System > Employees > Employees. The Employees tab appears. #2 Click Add. The Profile tab of the New Employee scree...
New User Account
New Employee
Import Employees from Spreadsheet
Step by Step: Use the Import Employees screen to import employees into the application using an MS Excel spreadsheet. Note that you must have the Product Setup Tool turned on under System Parameters > Product Setup. Once the Product Setup Tool is turned on, you'll need to exit and reopen Evosus then go to Administration > System &g...
Import Employees
Add Logo to Your Documents
Step by Step: #1 To add a logo you must place the logo on your server in a shared drive that ALL users have access to.   - It cannot be placed in a local drive, such as C: or D: There is usually an Evosus shared drive which should work. Essentially, everyone needs to be able to access whatever drive the logo is saved in.  #2 Logo should be a...
Create a Schedule For Employee
Step by Step: This schedule can be viewed by the employee on their Employee tab. Step 1: Open the Create Schedule tab on the Employee Scheduling screen (Administration > System > Employees > Employee Scheduling). Step 2: Select the store you are creating the schedule for. This is especially important if the employee works o...
Employee Schedule
Temp Files Path Not Found Message at Login
Issue: User receives "Unable to create TempFiles folder - Path not found" message when logging into Evosus and/or cannot access files saved in Docs/Pics. Resolution: Evosus needs to know the correct location of the temp files folder, also known as the Evosus Share UNC Path. This path should be accessible by all Windows users,...
Temp Files Path
Path Not Found
Printer Setup on Terminal Server
Problem: Receipt Printing in Terminal Server session freezes OR receipt takes several minutes to print out. Resolution:  - Printing from inside a Microsoft Terminal Services Session has been a challenge ever since Microsoft started doing it - From ANY application.  - There are known networking issues that can cause printing problems and ...
Printer Setup
Security - Group and User Permissions
Details: Security permissions allow employees to access specific areas in the application.  You can add security permissions in two ways: #1 Group level security: Group security allows you to set specific permissions for groups of employees based on their classification as manger, supervisor, or employee (these classifications are set in ...
Security Permissions
Employee Security
Unable to Open Docs/Pics
Issue: You are trying to view some docs/pics that were saved.  You can view them in one location (where your server is), however when you travel to your other stores you receive this message: Picture printing is not available without the Desktop Experience Feature. The other stores receiving this message are through terminal services. ...
Master Audit Log
Details: The Master Audit Log (Administration > System > Security > Master Audit Log Search) is a comprehensive list of monthly activity that has occurred in Evosus.   - All activity is stamped with an employee, date, time, description and where in Evosus the activity occurred.   - Use the filters at the top of the screen to review ...
Master Audit Log
Audit Log
Month Activity
Setting Store Defaults
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Store Defaults
Create a Test Database
Details: Follow the steps below to create a test database using your production database.   - Once you create a test database, it will appear in the Company drop down when you log into Evosus.  - If you are using your test database as a sandbox for exploring the application, generally you have to update your test database when users are havi...
Test Database
Copy of Production Database
Prompt Enroll in Points Program
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Points Program
Prompt Enroll
Large SQL Dump Files
Issue: Are large SQL dump files filling up your hard drive?  Microsoft(R) Server Maintenance Utility (Unicode) Version 12.0.5000 Report was generated on "EVO-SQL\EVOSUS". Maintenance Plan: Evosus Maintenance Plan Duration: 00:00:20 Status: Warning: One or more tasks failed. Details: Check Database Integrity (EVO-SQL\EVOSUS) Ch...
Dump Files
Reset Terminal Services User Account
Issue: You have a terminal server and would like to log a user out of Evosus manually and/or log them off of the terminal server. Resolution:  The person performing this procedure must be authorized to have the Administrator password Step 1: Log into the server that is hosting Terminal Services with the Administrator username and pass...
Reset User Account
Log User Out
Evosus Batch Jobs
Details: To access the Evosus Batch Jobs screen go to Administration > System > Database > Evosus Batch Jobs. From this screen, you can do the following: #1 See a list of all batch jobs, and the status of those jobs - For example, the application regularly updates the information that appears on the dashboard. This is done by three ...
Batch Jobs
Error 440 (Automation Error) Appears When Logging Into Store
Issue: After logging into Evosus and selecting a store, user receives Error 380, then 440 (Automation Error) and the software shuts down. Resolution: Check the color mode of the machine and/or the remote desktop connection.    - The color mode must be 15 bit or higher and cannot be set to 256 colors.
Error 440
Automation Error
Error 380
Configure Cash Drawer to Open with Star Printer
Issue: How do I set up my Star Receipt printer to open my cash drawer? Resolution: The Star printer driver determines if & when the cash drawer will open. There are two main versions of the Star printer driver, and the cash drawer is adjusted differently depending on the driver. We have included instructions for both below. Step 1: ...
Cash Drawer
Star Printer
Split Text in MS Excel Column on Space, Comma, or Other Character
Issue: I have an excel spreadsheet I am trying to prepare for a data import into one of Evosus' templates. The original excel file has data combined into one cell that I need to split into another. For example, the Customer Address field has City and State in one column but I need it split into city and state separately into two columns f...
MS Excel
Split Text
User Locked Out of Evosus - Unsuccessful Logins
Issue:  User cannot login to Evosus due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts. User receives the message "Too many failed login attempts. User is reset to Employee Level not original employee type." Resolution: When a user attempts to login unsuccessfully more than 6 times in a row, Evosus will disable the user's account ...
User Locked out
Unsuccessful Logins
Error 429 ActiveX Component Can't Create Object When Emailing in Evosus
Issue: You can use MS Outlook to send emails, but when you attempt to send an email from inside Evosus you receive the following error message: Error: 429 frmMailboxUpdate:cmdFindSMTP_Click:EvosusRetail  ActiveX component can't create object   Resolution: More than one email account is setup in Outlook.   When Outlook has been conf...
Error 429
Outlook email
Getting Error 429 When Opening Evosus
Issue: When you try to open Evosus, you get an ActiveX Error 429 Message.  Resolution: Reinstall Evosus on the workstation.  Usually this is caused when another program was updated or installed, and it changed the ActiveX component in the windows environment that Evosus uses to run on the workstation.
Error 429
Disable Sales Order Action Items
Issue: A user receives an action item each time a service order is opened/altered/invoiced. They want to be removed from that notification list. Resolution: Those action items are auto generated and cannot be turned off. Whenever someone other than the primary sales person makes a change to an order (add item, delete item, etc.), the prim...
Action Items
Disable Action Items