Make a Deposit
Related Video Content: Making Deposits & Deposit Summary Report Details: Use the Make Deposit option to create a deposit for cash and checks for a cash drawer that is closed. You must close the cash drawer before you can deposit the cash and checks in the cash drawer. What is the difference between a cash drawer and a cash drawe...
Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer Session
Find a Deposit
Details: Use the Search Deposits screen to view or void bank deposits or merchant card sweeps (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Deposits). Highlight a record and click View Deposit to view the Deposit Summary Report. You cannot change/update a deposit A completed deposit cannot be edited. To make a change to a compl...
Delete Deposit
Change Deposit
Search Deposit
Skip Bank Deposit
Related Video Content: Do you receive automatic payments deposited directly into your bank account? In our latest release, Evosus gives you the ability to skip the process of manually creating a Bank Deposit for these direct deposits such as EFT or ACH transactions.
Auto Deposit
Skip deposit
Skip Bank deposit
Direct deposit
Merchant Card Sweep
Related Video Content: Use the Merchant Card Sweep process to deposit (sweeping) credit card transactions from your merchant bank account into the primary bank account.  Cash drawers must be closed in order to capture and sweep credit card transactions into the bank since Merchant Card Sweep information comes directly from the Open Cash Dra...
Merchant Card Sweep
Credit card
Credit Card Transactions
Credit Card Deposit
Bank Register Report
Details: The Bank Register report gives you an overview of the selected bank account based on beginning and ending balances. This report will show you all the deposits processed and the payments made within the accounting period or time frame you select and includes the transaction date, check number, payee, memo information, and the amount of...
Bank Register
Evosus Payroll
Bank Reconciliation
Details: Use the Bank Reconciliation feature to quickly reconcile your bank accounts in the system with your monthly bank statements. Do the following before you start... #1 Post all bank related transactions - Verify that all bank related transactions (cash receipts, cash disbursements and General Journal Entries) have been posted to the Ge...
Deposit Tab
Withdrawl Tab
Reconcile Tab
Bank Reconciliation Report
Cancel Reconciliation