Accounts Payable

Enter an Invoice/Bill
Related Video Content: Step by Step: Step 1: Input basic invoice information Use the Profile tab on the New Bill screen to enter basic information about the invoice. For example, invoice number, payment terms, and invoice total. You also use the Profile tab to monitor any cost variance that exists on the invoice - for example, if the...
Enter Invoice
Accounts Payable
Item Receipts
Update cost
Pay a Vendor Invoice/Bill
Step by Step: Use the Pay Bills screen to pay outstanding vendor Invoices.  Step 1: Open the Pay Bills screen (Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Pay Bills). Step 2: Select the invoices to pay.  - If you select invoices for different vendors: If you select invoices from multiple vendors, the system will create a check f...
Pay Vendor Invoice
Pay Vendor Bill
Pay Bills
Write a Check
Details: Use the Write Checks option to write a check when you are not issued an invoice (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Write Checks). You can use this option to do the following: #1 Prepay an invoice that you have not received yet #2 Record a handwritten check, or a check that was written outside of Evosus Enterprise ...
Write a Check
Print/Reprint a Check
Step by Step: Use the Print Checks Queue screen to print checks that have been processed in Write Checks, or Pay Bills. Checks can be printed one at a time or as a group. If you have more than one bank account, the system will not allow you to print checks across multiple bank accounts at the same time. You must print those checks in separate ...
Print Check
Reprint Check
Remove Check
Print Payment Reconciliation
Void a Check
Details: When a check is voided in Evosus it will be reflected in the Bank Register and may have an affect on the General Ledger, depending upon whether the check has already posted. If the check has posted to the General Ledger, the original postings is reversed to account for the voided check. If the check has not posted to the General Ledge...
Void Check
Bank Register
General Ledger
Add a Vendor Class
Related Video Content: This video covers both store classes and vendor classes. Step by Step: Use vendor classes to group vendors for reporting purposes. For example, Inventory, Utilities, Subcontractors or General. Inventory Reports, such as the AP Aging, Cash Requirements Journal and Vendor Invoice Register, can also be grouped by...
Vendor Class
Open/Close an Accounting Period
Related Video Content: Details: Accounting periods are created, closed, and reopened using the Periods tab on the Accounting Setup screen. You should establish accounting periods to assist with good internal control policies throughout your organization. Users are only allowed to enter data in accounting periods that are open - basica...
Accounting Period
month end
Customer Types - Overview
Related Video Content: Details: Use customer types to setup different customer classifications. For example, Commercial, Residential, or Wholesale. This allows you to automate some of your business processes, and streamline your reporting. All of the following can be defined on a customer type.  - Payment terms  - Finance Charge: A ...
Customer Types
Finance Charge
Customer Specific Pricing
Create a Credit Memo Reason
Related Video Content: Add a credit memo reason to credit memo to determine which GL account is impacted. You will need to add a general ledger account before adding the Credit Memo Reason if the GL account does not exist. Step by Step: Step 1: Open the CR Memo Reason tab on the Accounting Setup screen (Administration > Accounting &g...
Credit memo
Credit Memo Reason
Account for Exchange Rates When Purchasing US Goods (for Canadian Businesses)
Issue: How do we purchase US goods but retain accurate margins using CAD? Resolution: In order to keep profit margins accurate and to utilize the margin maker tool, you should enter all item costs in Canadian dollars. By keeping the costs in Canadian dollars, this will show the true cost on your sales reports such as the Money Tree. In or...
Exchange Rates
Canada Exchange Rates
Receive Vendor Check from Open Debit Memo
Issue: Vendor sends check to replace a past credit that is open. Resolution: Currently, there is no way to refund a vendor debit memo to check or to associate them to close out the credit. You will need to do the following: If the debit memo was NOT created from an RGA Receipt: Step 1: Go to Vendor Profile>Debit Memos Step 2: Highli...
Receiving Vendor Check
Debit Memo
Create Your First Accounts Payable Credit Card Reconciliation
Details: What if you don't have any credit card liability GL account activity prior to implementing the AP Credit Card Reconciliation feature in Evosus? You must transfer the balance of the existing account to a new account via journal entry prior to implementing the feature. Review the steps below for creating your first AP Credit Card ...
Credit card
Credit Card Charges
Accounts Payable
Journal Entry
General Ledger
write checks
Apply Trade-In Credit to an Invoice
Issue: A customer is trading in their old equipment for new equipment. I would prefer not to use discounts on the order. Is there another way to offer a customer “Trade-In” credit towards the purchase of their new equipment? Resolution: Create a Credit Memo under the customer for the trade-in value and lock it to the sales order. You c...
Trade In
Applying Credit
Modify a Check
Details: Vendor checks can be edited if they have not yet been printed or posted. Once a check is printed or posted, you must void the check and recreate it to make changes.    - For security and audit trail purposes, each check contains an Audit Log tab that indicates if the check was created manually or automatically, when it was printed, r...
Modify Check
Search Checks
Accounts Payable
Search Vendors
write checks
Search AP Checks
Details: Use Search Checks to view all Accounts Payable checks created, printed or voided during a selected time frame (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Checks). Using this screen, you can also update, void, and reprint checks. Use the Text Search field to sort the list by Payee, Pay Type or Employee For example, yo...
Search AP Checks
Search Checks
Accounts Payable Aging Report
Details: View all outstanding vendor invoices and the current aging status (Current, 1 – 30, 31 – 60, 61 – 90, 90+). The Accounts Payable Aging report ties back to the General Ledger for easy reference. Vendor Class Filter Vendor classes group vendors by type for reporting purposes. For example, inventory, utility, subcontractors, or gene...
AP Aging Report
Aging Report
Accounts Payable
Outstanding Invoices
Vendor Class
Summary by Vendor
Detail by Vendor
Detail by Aging Period
Create new Debit Memo
Step by Step: Create a debit memo to record a credit that was received from a vendor. For example, credit for warranty work or damaged products.  - Debit memos can be applied to vendor bills.  - Debit memos can be associated with specific RGAs and vendor invoices so you can track why you received the credit and how you used it. Step 1:...
Debit Memo
accounting debit
Vendor Bills
Vendor invoices
Receive Credit
Create a Vendor
Step by Step: Create new vendors so you can create Purchase Orders, Return Goods Authorizations, Debit Memos, Vendor Invoices, Pay, Pay Bills and Write Checks. Once a new vendor has been added with basic information such as name, address and contact information, other information is tracked within their Vendor Profile such as Credits, Invoices...
Create Vendor
New Vendor
Add New Vendor
Vendor Screen - Field Definitions
Details: Use the Vendor screen to view/update vendor information (Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Search vendors > Open a vendor). Options tab  - Vendor Class: Select a vendor class. Add vendor classes to vendors so you can filter the vendors on reports by type. For example, Inventory, Utilities, Subcontractors...
Vendor Screen
Options Tab
Contacts Tab
Bank Deposits Tab
Invoices Tab
Payments Tab
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Purchase Orders Tab
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Purchase Receipts Tab
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