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Learn how supplying Stock Sites fill ICPO requests and how requesting Stock Sites mark the requests as received. This session will also review how to identify discrepancies in your ICPO process.

Step by Step:

Use the Inter-Company PO Types to create and maintain ICPO purchase order types. For example, Replenishment or Special Order. You assign a PO type when creating a new ICPO. The YPO types to classify and filter ICPOs.

Step 1: Open the Inter-Company PO Types screen (Administration > Inventory > General Setup > Inter-Company Purchase Order Types).

Step 2: Click Add. The Add - Inter-Company PO Types screen appears.

Step 3: Description - Enter the name of the PO type. This is how users will select the PO Type. For example, enter Replenishment or Special Order.

Step 4: Is Default - Check this box if this by default this is the PO type that should be used.

Step 5: Click OK to save.

 - Save and Add: Check this box if you are creating several PO types. This saves the current PO type and leaves the Add- Inter-Company PO Types screen open so you can create another one.