Evosus clients using v6.7 and higher can now enjoy these benefits of the new Baystate industry integration:
Mass Import New Inventory Items
Mass Update Cost on Existing Inventory Items
Electronically Submit Purchase Orders from Evosus to Baystate
Electronically Review Purchase Order Line Item Items for Back Orders

Before Setting Up The Baystate Integration:

You must have the following information available prior to setting up the Baystate integration within Evosus:

- Customer Number (available from Baystate)

- User Account for Baystate Website (available from Baystate)

- Password for Baystate Website (available from Baystate)

- Email address you'd like all emailed correspondence to go to.

- Matching Evosus Vendor

Step by Step Setup Instructions:

Step 1: Open the Baystate Accounts screen (Administration> Industry Integrations > General Setup > Baystate).

Step 2: Click Add to create a new account. The New Baystate Account screen appears.

 - Since a dealer can have multiple accounts at Baystate, you can create multiple accounts in this screen.

Step 3: Complete this screen with the your Baystate information. 

- Baystate Customer Number 

- User Account for Baystate Website 

- Password for Baystate Website

- Email address you'd like all emailed correspondence to go to.

- Matching Evosus Vendor

Step 4: Click 'Test Communication with Baystate' to test the integration.

 - The application will use the information that you just entered to test the integration.

What happens if the Test Communication with Baystate process results in a failed communication message?

 - If you received a 'Failed to talk to the Baystate Web Service' message, verify that your User Account and Password are correct, and that your internet connection is working. 

 - User name and password are correct, and internet is working, but still get the "Failed to talk..." error message: Create a ticket on support.evosus.com to contact your Evosus Account Manager.

 - Baystate Inventory Catalog needs to be updated: This message appears if the integration is successful. You must wait for this process to complete. Do not close the application while this process is in progress. This may take several minutes.

Step 5: Click OK  to save the new account setup.

Step 6: Now that the set up is complete, you can use the integration to perform the following actions:

- Mass import of new inventory items

- Mass update cost on existing inventory items

- Electronically submit POs from Evosus to Baystate.

- Electronically review purchase order line items for back orders

Security Permissions Required