To make things easier during the count process, Evosus provides an opportunity before the count begins to clean up possible discrepancies between Valuation on Hand and On Hand quantities. We recommend that you review each of the pre-count screens presented prior to the count to ensure the best possible outcome and the least number of inventory write-offs. 

#1 Negative Items:

Completing the physical count will NOT correct negatives. Correcting negatives prior to the count is vital because Evosus references Valuation on Hand quantity on the count sheets. 

#2 Possible Exception Items:

Review items here to ensure ICPO (Inter-Company Purchase Order) items have been processed and returns have been completed. This screen includes items that have been invoiced and not delivered as well as items delivered but not invoiced. The easiest way to clear this up is on the Open Order Items Screen.

#3 Open Order Items:

Makes it easy to locate orders where the items are delivered, but have not been invoiced. The best business practice solution is to invoice when you have delivered the product. We recognize this process can be challenging to implement since you may want to collect funds before delivery or installation of a product. In those cases, we would suggest using Job Costing or Progress Bills 

#4 Open Job Materials:

Make sure all items that have been sent to the Job site have been marked as Delivered in Evosus. This is an important step to ensure that your Job Costing and Job Profit is accurate. This will also ensure fewer inventory issues in the Physical Count

#5 Items on Purchase Orders:

Confirm that all vendor deliveries have been entered into Evosus. You want to go into your Count with zero data entry backlog.