The new ALEX® Pro computerized water analysis program, a BioGuard dealer exclusive is now integrated with Evosus to offer clients a seamless connection between the two programs. Customers are automatically synced between databases to eliminate double entry and allow equipment and invoice history from Evosus to be stored in ALEX® Pro for easy reference, so long as the items sold were BioGuard item codes. You'll even be able to run analytical reports to identify which products generate the most revenue after water tests and which products are recommended, but never sold. This information helps you identify education opportunities to your sales team and the chance to sell more product.  

Water analysis software is key in generating repeat sales for any pool and spa dealership, but business owners also need a way to track and manage those sales. Our integration with ALEX® Pro allows Evosus users to turn water test results into real business growth and profit.

The Evosus and ALEX® Pro Integration supports:

- Customer Synchronization

- Water Analysis Results in Evosus

- Point-of-Sale integration that generates Shopping List recommendations

- Water Test Performance Reporting

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Step by Step:

Enable the ALEX® Pro Integration within Evosus 


Step 1: Login to the ALEX Pro website.

Step 2: Go to Preferences on the left side bar then click on the Integrations tab.

Step 3: Click Activate under the Evosus integration section.

Step 4: An API Key will then display on your screen. Click the Copy button.

Step 5: Log into Evosus and go to Administration>Industry Integrations>General Setup>ALEX Pro by BioGuard.

Step 6: Check the box “Enable ALEX Pro Integration” to setup the integration in Evosus.

Step 7: The Data Disclosure Agreement will appear on your Evosus screen. You must accept that agreement before moving forward.

Step 8: Paste your ALEX Pro API key.

Step 9: Select the BioGuard Product Vendor. This is simply relating your BioGuard vendor you have set up in Evosus to this integration feature.

Step 10: Click Test Integration Communication. This allows Evosus to attempt communication with ALEX Pro via the API you pasted into the setup screen. You should receive the message “Integration Successful.”

Step 11: Click the Get Product Catalog button.

Step 12: Click OK to save.

What Does the 'Get Product Catalog' Button Do?

Brings BioGuards current product catalog into Evosus. This does NOT add the BioGuard items to your inventory tree, the items are simply stored in the background of Evosus software to help determine when BioGuard products are purchase in Evosus. UPC code, SKU, or Item Code are referenced to match your item codes and the BioGuard item codes in the background. 

How Do the ALEX® Pro Integration Features Work?

Recurring Customer Data Sync

The customer data sync is initiated when a new customer is created in ALEX Pro. All customers added to ALEX Pro since the last sync will be added to Evosus. The customer record must contain at least an address, phone number OR email to be included in the sync. Blank customer records (name only) will not be transferred. All customers in Evosus with sales activity for BioGuard products sync from Evosus to ALEX Pro. 

Duplicate checks run before adding new customers to either database.  Phone and email exact matches are two points which is the minimum required to consider a customer a duplicate.

Customer data transfer includes:

- Customer Name

- Address

- Phone

- Email

Viewing Customer Sales History in ALEX Pro

All ALEX Pro customers that are associated to an Evosus customer record will display Evosus sales history in the ALEX Pro customer profile. The Sales History data is displayed directly from the Evosus database and is for informational purposes.

Sales history for BioGuard products includes:

- POS Invoices

- Sales Invoices

- Service Invoices

Point-of-Sale Integration - Streamline the check out process!

All customers with water tests completed in ALEX Pro within the last 8 hours will display by default in the Evosus Point-of-Sale customer search screen. This allows the check out process for the customer to be more efficient and eliminates the need to ask the customer for their name again, instead your employee can make the check out experience a more connected one by communicating with your customers with their first name as they begin the check out process in Evosus. 

This sync between Evosus and ALEX Pro occurs every 3 minutes.

Recommended Shopping List From ALEX Pro in Evosus Point-of-Sale

Check out your customers quickly using our recommended shopping list of BioGuard products based on the ALEX Pro water analysis. In Evosus point-of-sale, after selecting your customers name simply click Item History then Water Tests to review a list of items to quickly add to the transaction. Check out the short screen capture below that shows this process in action!

Water Test Performance Report

The Water Test Performance Report is available in Evosus under Administration>Reports>Sales>Orders & Invoices OR Administration>Industry Integrations. This report is enabled when water test integrations are turned on. With various output options, the report water test shopping list items compared to what the client actually purchased. It also displays sales conversion ratios based on a customizable amount of time, such as 3 days.