In order to use Outlook email seamlessly with Evosus Marketing, there are a few more setup tasks to consider. There are two ways to send an email with Evosus Marketing:

#1 Sending an HTML Auto-Email from Evosus (keep reading)

#2 Pulling a Marketing List inside Evosus and sending it out manually through Outlook - separate from Evosus auto-emailing (skip ahead to the Customer Dump feature shown in the Marketing Utilities Section).

 - Check System Requirements (for Outlook) before Proceeding. There are many Knowledge Base articles that address communication and setup limitations between Outlook and Evosus including these topics:

  • The full (not express, not Mac) version of Outlook is required.
  • The 32 bit (not 64) version of Outlook is required
  • Only one email account can be associated inside Outlook
  • The Troubleshooting Section below lists related Knowledge Base articles on the support site that may be of help.

Best Practice: Evosus recommends having a test Customer named “Auto-Email” that receives all Auto-Emails. This Auto-Email Customer would not be pulled when generating a one-time only Marketing List but would receive emails for recurring Marketing Campaign Streams when they are ran automatically. Thus, an employee could see what emails have looked like, and when they have been sent and received through accessing the “Auto-Email Customer’s” in box (a personal email account should be used).

Step by Step:

Step 1- Set up Evosus Mailbox

If you did not set up an Outlook Mailbox in Implementation, you will need to setup a Mailbox.

#1 Go to Administration > System > Miscellaneous > Mailboxes

#2 Click ‘Add’

#3 Profile Tab: Select radio button SMTP Mailbox. Fill in the below by finding it inside your Outlook account or

 - Mailbox Name: Your nickname for this mailbox.

 - SMTP Server: search online for commonly used ones or contact your ISP provider

 - SMTP Address: the email address that will send the Creative Connecting Evosus Marketing to Email 26

#4 NT Trusted Security checkbox: Please see KB#22642

#5 Logon & Password: Credentials already used for this account. Anytime the password changes to the Outlook account, it must be changed here as well.

#6 Port: Search online for commonly used numbers or contact your ISP

#7 Find Home SMTP Server button: If you receive a 429 error, it is fixed in update 6.4.16.

#8 If you cannot or do not know the answers to the above, you may need to ask your IT professional for assistance.

#9 Once you're done, go to the "Send Test from Mailbox" tab, and select an email address to send the test to and attach the HTML text body that you're planning to use in the actual auto email.

#10 Click ‘Send Test Email’. You should receive the email shortly. NOTE: We recommend using your personal email as the 'Send Test Email" account since some server firewalls will delay the delivery of the email.

Step 2- Set up & Test Email Creative

To set up the Creative to be auto-email compatible in Evosus:

#1 Select the “E-mail” Channel in the Profile Tab of the Creative. Click ‘OK’ to save.

#2 Once saved, verify two new tabs have appeared at the top of the Marketing Creative (used to be 4 - now 6 tabs) including:

 - Auto Email Tab: Where you will attach the content of your email- continues below in Step d).

 - In Use by Tab: Shows which campaigns have used this Creative. Once a Creative is attached to a Campaign, it cannot be edited (this tab should be blank if this is a new Creative).

#3 Set up the HTML content for your email. Detailed instructions on how to set up an HTML email is not found inside this guide but essentially:

 - Use a free HTML editor like Coffee Cup or use a program like Word or Publisher to start and when you are finished choose “Save as a Webpage” from the “Save As” menu dropdown which will convert your page to HTML.

 - The HTML file must be saved inside your Evosus Shared Folder to be viewable and be sent properly.

 - The Evosus Shared Folder is NOT found on a local drive (like My Documents or local C:)

 - Preview your file as a webpage first (outside Evosus) to see if it renders as expected. Fix your email content now if necessary.

#4 Attach the HTML content you made in step c) above.

 - (Re)open the Creative by double clicking the Creative in the Creative list (list is sortable by clicking on the column header)

 - Go to the Auto Email Tab. Checkbox ‘Auto-Email’ at the top.

 - Enter your desired Subject Line and select sender from the dropdown.
  • Senders are populated from setting up a mailbox in Step 1a) above.
 - Click ‘attach’ button and browse to your files to find your HTML email created in step c) above. You should see it in the preview window now.

 - Click ‘Test’ and see a confirmation message onscreen. An email will NOT be sent yet, but this confirms that the Evosus portion is working properly.

 - If you receive an error, troubleshoot alone or with your Support Tech using the troubleshooting section below to start.

Step 3 – Test Sending Email

Now it’s time to test sending your Creative by way of a Scheduled Production Campaign Stream. That test Stream will need a test Customer List.

#1 Create a “Test” Customer Type

 - Administration> Accounting> General Setup> Customer Type

 - Add a test customer (you) with your own personal email to the Evosus Database

#2 Create a Test Campaign Stream and attach the Creative you wish to test.

 - See Lead Conversion Phase: Process to Complete subsection - Steps 3 & 4.

 - Select “Marketing List” radio button option.

#3 Create a Marketing List (see Marketing List Generation section in this document) filtered by the “Test” Customer Type you set up in Step a) above.

 - Make sure the Interest you select for yourself will match the Interest selected in the Creative you want to use. The Creative may have more than one interest associated to it, and yours should match at least one of those Customer Interests.

 - Check your email for receipt