There may be times when you receive promotional products from your Vendor, at no charge to your company. In these situations you still need to record those items as quantities in stock, so you can keep track and sell them to your customers if desired. This process should follow the normal process for inventory management and bill payment, but be adjusted to a ZERO dollar cost. 

Step by Step:

Step 1: Create a Vendor PO for the item(s) that have been given as promotional item.

Step 2: Change the PO Status to On Order

Step 3: Receive Item(s)

Step 4: Enter Bill for Vendor - complete the vendor bill profile as standard process.  You may not have an invoice number, simply enter something to reference the invoice in the field.

Step 5: Leave the invoice amount as $0.00

Step 6: Click on Apply Inventory Tab

Step 7: Attach Item Reciepts

Step 8: Click Update Costs

Step 9: Change the Purchase price to $0.00

Step 10: Click OK twice to update cost

Step 11: Click OK to save New Bill

Step 12: Evosus will ask "Do you want to save a Zero Invoice" click Yes, 

Step 13: Click OK to save

 - You can review the Vendor Profile for the invoice that was created for $0.00

 - This process allows you to keep inventory quantities of inventory items and the proper costs associated for the Inventory Valuation Report.