Step by Step:

Use the Budget Add screen to create a new budget. You must create a budget before you can enter budget numbers.

When you create a new budget, it is automatically set up with an Active status. This means you can run comparisons on the Income Statement using this budget.

Step 1: Open the Budget Add screen (Administration > Accounting > Accounting Desk > Budgeting > Add Budget).

Step 2: Name - Enter the name of the budget. This name will print on the Income Statement.

Step 3: Year - Enter the budget year.

Step 4: Comment - Enter any necessary comments.

Step 5: Click OK to save.

Step 6: Go to Edit Budget Numbers to enter the budget numbers (Administration > Accounting > Accounting Desk > Budgeting > Edit Budget Numbers).

Security Permissions Required




*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

Can Add/Update Budgets