The Master Audit Log (Administration > System > Security > Master Audit Log Search) is a comprehensive list of monthly activity that has occurred in Evosus. 

 - All activity is stamped with an employee, date, time, description and where in Evosus the activity occurred. 

 - Use the filters at the top of the screen to review activity for past months or detail for a specific employee or area.

 - Entries are created in the Master Audit Log for the following areas:

#1 Accounting Defaults: Records all changes made (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Defaults), including changes to default GL account selections, inventory valuation method, or beginning month of your fiscal year.

#2 Contracts: Records maintenance contract change activity, such as order default, schedule details, and order item changes.

#3 Credit Memos: Records customer credit memo activity, such as adding or writing off credit memos.

#4 Employee Login: Records all successful and unsuccessful employee login attempts, including machine/computer information.

#5 Inventory: Records activity such as unit cost overrides and serial number history.

#6 Security: Records activity related to security permission overrides.  Information includes employee attempting to access the feature and employee that overrode security.