Change Orders

Change Orders are used to record adjustments made to the original bid amount and could include unforeseen excavation issues or product upgrades (Administration > Job Costing > Search Jobs > Select a job > Change Orders tab). 

 - Change Orders will increase or decrease the total contract amount accordingly. This information can be seen on the Job Preview menu, Job Summary, Job Billing report, Job Percent Complete report and Job Profitability report.

 - Change Orders can also be assigned to specific job materials so you can view the connection between the change order request and any materials added to the job due to the change order. The assigned materials will appear on the Change Order audit log.

 - Click Add to enter a new Change Order. You are required to enter Phase, Type, Status, Employee and Name. All other information is optional.

 - Internal Notes and Audit Log tabs are available once the Change Order is saved

Step by Step:

Change Order Types are used to define different types of change orders for jobs. By default, Customer Request is listed as a Change Order Type. Other examples include Environmental Requirements or Bid Adjustment. You can create as many Change Order Types as you like. The Change Order Type will display in the Change Order grid in the Job.

Step 1: Go to Administration > Job Management > General Setup > Change Order Types.

Step 2: Click Add.

Step 3: Description - For example, Environmental Requirements or Bid Adjustment.  

Step 4: Is Default - Check this box if by default this flag should be assigned to change orders when they are created. 

Step 5: Click OK.  

 - You can now assign the type to a change order (Administration > Job Costing > Search Jobs > Open a job > Change Orders tab > Click Add > Type field).