Step by Step:

Use the Migrate Legacy Cards On File to OpenEdge Tokens option to migrate all of the credit cards on file to OpenEdge servers and replace the card information with tokens. If you stop using OpenEdge - We cannot change the tokens back into credit card numbers that are on file.

Step 1: Verify that all legacy merchant profiles are inactive

This process replaces cards with tokens using the first active merchant profile. That means this process will not work if the first active merchant profile is a legacy profile.

Step 2: Migrate the cards

This step can take several minutes.

#1 Open the Legacy Card On File Migration to OpenEdge Tokens (Administration > Evosus Card Services by OpenEdge).

#2 There are XXX Legacy Cards On File to migrate lists the number of credit cards that you have on file.

#3 Click Start Migration.

#4 Click Yes on the message that appears.

 - The system locates all credit cards on file that have not been migrated to OpenEdge, and it replaces the credit card information with a token issued by OpenEdge. The Audit Log is updated each time a credit card is replaced with a token.

 - An error message appears if the information set up on the Merchant Profile is incorrect.

 - Click Stop to cancel the process. You can safely restart the process at any time.

Step 3: (optional) Review the cards that were successfully migrated

Once the process is complete, click Search Cards that Successfully Migrated to see a list of cards that were replaced with tokens.

Step 4: (optional) Review the cards that did not migrate

The utility tries to convert all existing credit card information on file. For example, if the credit card expiration date has passed, we use Decline Minimizer to search for the new expiration date on the credit card.

#1 Click Search Cards that Failed to Migrate to see a list of cards that were not replaced with tokens. Generally, a card fails because the credit card information is no longer valid.

#2 The reason for the error appears in the EMV Migration Message column.

 - Update the credit card information - Highlight a failed credit card and click Customer to update the credit card information.

#3 Update or delete the card on file.

 - Highlight a customer and click Delete to remove the card on file. This removes the

#4 Click Close when complete.

#5 Click the Retry These Cards button to try the updated credit card information.

Step 5: Click Close when complete

You can use the following reports and screens to verify which credit cards on file have been converted, and which credit cards have not been tokenized.

 - Customer Credit Card on File - Non-OpenEdge: Use this report to view all credit cards on file that have not been converted to tokens in your database. This report should be blank after you use Migrate Legacy Cards on File to OpenEdge Tokens.

 - Customer Credit Card on File - OpenEdge Tokens: Use this screen to review all of the credit cards on file that have been converted to tokens. You can also use this screen to access the Audit Log, which displays all changes that have been made to credit cards on file.