Step by Step:

Hours worked by timekeepers can be allocated to Jobs as long as the jobs are in an Open-Active status. Pay Types must be marked as "allocatable" in order for an employee to apply the time to a Job and the timekeeper MUST have a current pay rate.

All allocated hours will appear on the Employee Job Summary Report. Jobs can be allocated from the Punch, Weekly and Detail Timecards as well as the Approve Timecards screen.

Step 1: Open your timecard. There are several ways to open your timecard.

  • Administration>Timecards>My Timecard
  • Administration>Timecards>Approve Timecards
  • Employee>My Timecard

Step 2: If allocating from the Approval screen, highlight the timekeeper you wish to allocate time for. If allocating time from a Punch, Weekly or Detail Timecard go to step 2.

Step 3: Check the box next to Job Allocation. This will bring up the grid and will make the Job Allocation options available.

Step 4: Select a Job from the drop down menu.

Step 5: Select a Phase from the drop down menu. The Phase drop down is dynamic based on the selected job.

Step 6: From the Week Allocatable pull down select the days you want to allocate time for.  By default, Evosus selects "Week-Allocatable" which means time will be allocated to all Pay Types checked off as "Use for Jobs/WComp Allocations". Other options are "Week-Reg Hours" and specific dates on the Timecard. Selecting either of these options will only allocate time entered using the default Regular Hours pay type. No other Pay Types will be allocated.

Step 7: Enter an percentage or hour amount.

Step 8: Click Add% or Add hrs depending on the number you entered in the previous field.

Step 9: The appropriate time (based on your selections) will be allocated to the selected Job.

Step 10: To allocate time to additional Jobs simply start over at Step 2. You may continue allocating to Jobs until there is no time left to allocate.

 - You cannot allocate more than 100% in a day or more than the hours listed in the Timecard grid per day.

Editing Allocated Hours

The Pct % and Hours fields in the grid can be updated by the Timekeeper as long as the Timecard is in an Un-Submitted status. The Approver can update allocations at any point in time. Changing the Pct % column will automatically update the corresponding Hours column. Changing the Hours field will automatically change the corresponding Pct % field.

 - If another employee is working with the same employee timecard record at the exact same time you will receive a message indicating you must refresh the screen prior to making changes. This will only happen if another user made changes to the same record while you were sitting on the screen. Click Yes to refresh the screen and you will see the other user's changes. Your changes are not saved. You must re-enter your changes after the refresh.

Delete Job Allocations

Allocations cannot be deleted if the timecard is Approved. You must unapprove the time before deleting job allocations. 

 - To unapprove time, simply check the box next to the employee's name on the Approve Timecards screen and click Unapprove. The status of the timecard will change to Submitted. You can now delete the job allocation. Note: Unapproving the timecard will reverse ALL timecard job allocation records for that employee for that week. 

 - You will see reversing entries on the Job Cost Log and possibly on the GL if the time was already posted. Simply Approve the time again to get the hours back on the job. 

 - New entries will be made to the Cost Log and GL, if applicable.

 - To delete a job allocation, highlight the employee in the Approve Timecards screen and check the "Job Allocations Exist" box at the bottom of the screen. The allocation grid will appear. Click the red X next to the allocation you wish to remove. The time will now be deleted.

Security Permissions Required

An employee with Can Edit/Approve All Timecards security can allocate Jobs regardless of the Can Allocate Jobs permission.



Administration - Timecards

Timecard - Can Track Time

Administration - Timecards

Timecard - Can Allocate Jobs

Related Reports

 - Timecard Report (Administration>Timecards>Timecards Report) - Report on the hours worked by employee. Report also includes optional pay rate information.

 - Employee Job Summary (Administration>Timecards>Employee Job Summary) - Report on hours allocated to specific Jobs. Report also includes optional pay rate information.