The Workers' Compensation (L&I) Report details hours worked by employee and Workers' Compensation Category (Administration>Timecards>Workers' Compensation Summary). An optional display of employee Pay Rate information is available as long as the user running the report has permissions to View Pay Rates. A Workers' Compensation break down is documentation that may be requested by your state labor and industries department. You could use the Workers' Compensation Report for this purpose.


 - Show Summary Report: Displays employee hours in summary by Pay Type.

 - Include Employee Pay Information: Displays pay along with hours and pay types.

 - Sort By: Employee,Category, Pay Date

 - Sort By: Category, Employee, Pay Date

Security Permissions Required



Administration - Timecards

*Can View Timecards Tree Branch

Administration - Timecards

Can View Timecard Reports

Related Reports

 - Timecard Report (Administration>Timecards>Timecards Report): Report on the hours worked by employee. Report also includes optional pay rate information.

 - Employee Job Summary (Administration>Timecards>Employee Job Summary): Report on hours allocated to specific Jobs. Report also includes optional pay rate information.