The Check Inventory Levels screen allows you to browse inventory that needs to be ordered for specific stock sites (Administration > Inventory > Check Inventory Levels )This screen is purely for informational purposes. You may choose to view reorder alerts for items that are running low and/or reorder alerts for items on order with a customer.

Step by Step:

Check Inventory Levels

Step 1: Go to Administration > Inventory > Check Inventory Levels.

Step 2: Select a stock site from the pull down menu to view inventory levels for.

Step 3: Check off "Check Alerts for reordering low quantity items" if desired.

Step 4: Check off "Check Sales and Service Orders for items that are waiting delivery.

Step 5: Select All Product Lines, Specific Product Line, or a Specific Product Line Department.

Step 6: Select All Vendors or a Specific Vendor.

Step 7: Click Search.

 - This list is MS Excel enabled and can be sorted by column headers by clicking once for ascending and again for descending order.

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Inventory

*Can Access Inventory Tree Branch