Use the Cost Change Utility to change the cost of multiple items at the same time. This is especially useful when a vendor or manufacturer raises costs a certain percentage across all items. 

 - This utility allows you to filter by Vendor and Product Line or Product Line Department.  

 - All items that fit the selected criteria will be listed in a table that allows for global or individual changes by a percentage or fixed amount. Note: If you use the retail margin pricing method for your items the retail price will automatically be updated when revising your default vendor costs. If you use fixed pricing you will have to go to the individual items to change price or use the Retail Price Change Utility.

Adjust Vendor Cost

Step 1: Go to Administration > Inventory > Pricing > Cost Change Utility.

Step 2: Select a Vendor from the pull down menu.

Step 3: Select All Product Lines or a Specific Product Line from the pull down menu; you may also select a specific Product Line Department by checking the box and selecting the specific department from the tree.  For instance, if a vendor raised the prices of all their parts, you could filter by that vendor and your parts product line or sub-department.  Thus, only the parts you wish to change would appear.

Step 4: Once all the filters are entered, click [Search] to create a list of all items that match the filter criteria.

Step 5: A list will appear including:

 - Item Code

 - Vendor Item Description

 - Old Cost

 - Unit of Measure

 - Adjust percentage

 - New Cost

 - Vendor

 - UPC

 - Default Vendor (Yes or No)

 - Updated by (name of employee)

 - Updated Date

Update Multiple Items

Step 1: Check off all the items you wish to update.

Step 2: Either type in the percentage in the “Up/Down %” field or click the up arrow until you reach the correct percentage.

Step 3: After you get to your desired % Increase or Decrease, you must select Apply Changes. You will know this worked because the % will appear in the column listed as Adjust Tct, and a new cost will be listed based on the Increase Decrease in the New Cost Column. 

Step 4: Click Save to Pending.

Update Individual Items

Step 1: Highlight or check the item you wish to update (the item does not need to be checked off in order to update the cost).

Step 2: Enter the new cost by typing into the “New Cost” field or enter a percentage into the “Up/Down %” field. You may also use the up arrow until you reach the desired percentage.

Step 3: Click (F3) Next to proceed to the next item on the list or click [Save to Pending] to save your current changes. Helpful Hint: Once you have highlighted an item and changed the “New Cost” you may continue by hitting enter to proceed to the next item on the list. Simply change the cost and click enter.

Step 4: Once you are finished updating costs, click Save to Pending and proceed to the Pending Changes tab or click Next.

Pending Changes

Step 1: View all changes in the Pending Changes Tab.

Step 2: Click Post Changes to Database to update Evosus with the new Vendor costs.

Step 3: Click Clear to delete all changes from the Pending Changes Tab.

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Inventory

*Can Access Inventory Tree Branch

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