Use the Change Status tab to change the status of the purchase order as well as add follow up action item reminders for specific employees (Administration > Inventory > Vendor Purchase Orders > Select a search option > Open a purchase order).

Change Status Options

 - Place PO On Order - Send PO to vendor: You can print the purchase order to fax to the vendor or click Email on the print screen window to email the purchase order to the vendor using MS Outlook. Evosus will auto-populate the vendor email address using the email address on the purchase order. Placing PO on order begins aging of purchase order (based on expected date).

 - Print PO: Displays purchase order in print preview for printing, emailing or saving as a PDF document.

 - Cancel PO: Cancels all unreceived items on purchase order and places purchase order in Closed-Cancelled status. These purchase orders can be viewed in the Closed POs search queue.

 - Close This PO - Mark purchase order as closed: Only purchase orders in an Open-Partial Receipt or Open-Full Receipt status can be marked as Closed. Purchase Orders with no items received must be cancelled.

 - Status of all items in On Order status will be set to “Not Received” status when Open-Partial Receipt purchase order is closed.

 - Purchase orders with serial numbers in a “Receiving” status cannot be Closed. You must delete the serial number before closing the purchase order. To delete the serial number, go to the Serial Numbers menu of the purchase order, highlight the serial number and click Options>Delete.

 - Re-Open This PO: Changes status of PO to Open and allows items to be added, updated and received. Cancelled purchase orders cannot be re-opened.

Follow-Up Actions

Click Add Follow Up for this PO to send an action item to one or more employees. You can select the due date as well as the assigned employees. The action item will appear in the assigned employees My Action Items list on the due date specified. The action item will display the purchase order number, vendor, stock site, confirmed and expected dates, quantity, item code and description.

 - Notify on Receipt of Items allows you to select employees to receive an action item when items are received on the purchase order