The Customers Waiting tab displays all customers waiting for items on this purchase order (Administration > Inventory > Vendor Purchase Orders > Select a search option > Open a purchase order)The list looks for items waiting on sales orders, service orders and jobs.

 - The Customers Waiting grid displays how long the customer has been waiting for the item which helps make decisions regarding who should receive the product first. Also, the transaction total and payment amounts are listed in the grid to help you decide whether or not to order a product if you have deposit requirements in place.

 - Associating an Order or a Job to a Purchase Order will do the following:

#1 Displays the customer's name below the item on the printed purchase order (if vendor profile is setup to print customer names on POs).

#2 Displays the purchase order on the Preview menu of the customer's profile.

#3 Displays the purchase order number in the customer order right click.

#4 Displays the purchase order in all job material grids.

Options button

- Open Order: Takes you to the order associated to highlighted record.

- Open Job: Takes you to the job associated to the highlighted record.

- Open Customer: Takes you to the customer associated to the highlighted record.

 - Double click a record to go to the associated order or job.