You can delete the receipt of an item after it is received on a purchase order or via a manual receipt. This may need to be done if you received the wrong item or received an item on the wrong packing slip.

Understanding What Happens

 - Quantity will be reduced for the stock site where the items associated to the receipt currently reside.  For instance, you receive the item into the Vancouver store, then transfer it to the Portland store.  Quantity on hand will be reduced for the Portland store since that is where the item currently resides.

 - If the receipt is posted, a reverse posting will be created for the original item receipt, including any cost changes that occurred on the vendor invoice after receipt.

 - Average cost is recalculated for remaining quantity on hand and a new average cost is recorded in the cost log.

 - The status of the order will change to Open-On Order unless you’re deleting receipt on a closed purchase order.  In that case, the status changes to Closed-On order.  You will need to manually reopen the purchase order to re-receive the item by going to the Closed POs search queue, highlighting the PO and clicking Options>Reopen.


Rules for Deleting Receipts

#1 Receipts cannot be deleted if they are linked to an AP Invoice.

#2 Receipts cannot be deleted if any quantity associated to the receipt has left inventory, either through stock adjustments, physical count, customer invoice or jobs.

#3 Accounting Period associated to the item receipt must be open.


Where to Delete Item Receipts

 - Search Receipts queue. Go to Administration > Inventory > Vendor Purchase Orders > Search Receipts. Locate the item to delete using the filters at the top of the screen.  Highlight the item and click Options>Delete.

 - Vendor Profile: Item Receipts menu. Go to Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Search Vendors. Locate the vendor associated to the item receipt and open the Vendor Profile. Go to the Item Receipts menu, highlight the receipt and click Options > Delete Receipt.

 - Vendor Shipment > Item Receipts tab. Open the purchase order that contains the item receipt you need to delete. Go to the Item Receipts menu and double click the item receipt you need to delete. Go to the Item Receipts tab of the Vendor Shipment. Highlight the receipt you wish to delete and click Delete Receipt.

 - AP Bill > Apply Inventory tab. Go to the Apply Inventory tab of a vendor invoice, highlight the item receipt you wish to delete and click Delete Receipt.

Security Permissions Required



Admin – Inventory

Can Access Inventory Tree Branch

Delete Item Receipt