Evosus provides two ways to look up an item or kit; either by the Inventory Tree or by typing in the UPC Code, Item Code, Kit Code, Item Description, Kit Description, or an Alias. An alias item number is a catalog item number from a specific vendor for an item you have in inventory. In other words a part may be the same or interchangeable for different manufacturers or catalogs, but the manufacturer or catalog item numbers are different. You can enter the different catalog numbers in the alias section of your specific item and when you look at a catalog and search Evosus inventory, it will find the correct part. Same applies for part numbers that change each year. The item remains the same, but the manufacturer changes the part number. These new numbers can be added as an alias.

Step by Step:

Search By Tree

The tree is divided up into 2 sections, and organized by Product Line and subsequent departments or sub departments.

#1 Items are the individual items you sell.

#2 Kits are a grouping of items that you sell as that group. By selling a kit you are relieving inventory of each item.

green (stock), red (other charges), blue (non-stock), black (labor)

 - A box appears next to each inventory item in the tree menu. The color of the box determines the type of inventory item: green (stock), red (other charges), blue (non-stock), black (labor).

 - The popularity of the item also appears in the box (A for high and F for low). This is based on the last 12 months of sales and it can be customized by product line.

x (Do Not Sell)

 - Only users with administrative rights can view these items when searching through the tree. The item code will be listed at the end of the item description in [brackets].

zz Archived zz

 - This folder contains all the archived items that are no longer in use. These items cannot be pulled up to use for sales transactions.

Step 1: Select a kit

Step 2: Click on the kit description to see all the individual items that make up that kit. The kit price will appear in the information window.

Search by Typing

By Item Code, Kit Code, Description, or Alias:  "Begins With" search requires at least one character and "Contains the Text" search requires a minimum 3 characters.

Step 1: Type in the item number, description, UPC code, or alias characters and click [Search].

Step 2: A list of items matching the description you entered will appear.  If you see the item you were searching for, you may highlight it to view information on the item or click [Select Item] from within an order to add it to the order.

Step 3: If the item you were searching for does not appear, select "Contains the Text" and click [Search].  Selecting "Contains the Text" broadens your search and looks for all items that contain the characters within the description.  For example, if you type in chlor for Chlorine and select "Contains the Text" the system will search for anything that contains Chlor within the description of the item, item number, or alias.  Items such as Chlorine or Dichlor will appear.

 - When searching for items within an Order you may begin typing the item number or description in the "Add Item" field and Evosus® will automatically search inventory using the "Contains the Text" search criteria.

 - Search Advanced

  • Search Advanced allows you to fine tune your search using additional criteria.  Advanced Options include: Vendor, Product Line, Item Class, Item Type, Item Description Contains (All or Any criteria), Make and Model.

Step 4: Select a single search category or multiple categories (Vendor, Product Line, Item Class and/or Item Type).

Step 5: In the Item Description section, type in a word or combination of words to search for an item.

Step 6: Select "Contains All Criteria" if the item must contain ALL the words you enter.  Select "Contains Any Criteria" if the item only needs to contain one of the words you entered.

Step 7: If applicable, enter a Make and Model to search on.

 - Make and Model can also be used for parts.  For instance, a spa make and model might be Hot Springs Grandee. You could put the same make and model on all parts that ONLY work for the Hot Springs Grandee.  When searching by make and model you can find all the parts that go to that spa. See Edit Items for more information.

Step 8: Click Search. Evosus will display a list of items that match the criteria you entered.

 - Right click on item to search vendors