Use the Evosus Performance Analyzer to quickly see how you, your store, or your company is doing. For example, you can use this report to see a graph of sales by employee, or by store during the current year.

The Evosus Performance Analyzer can include leads, quotes, revenue, and orders for a given time frame, and it can group the data by store, employee and interest. You can also access additional reports by clicking on the graph.

Generate a report

Step 1: Open the Employee tab. The Evosus Performance Analyzer filters are at the bottom of the tab.

Step 2: Select the information you want to view (leads, quotes, and/or sales).

Step 3: Select the time frame of the report - for example, select This Week or This Year.

Step 4: Click Graph It!. The report appears in a Performance Analysis screen.

Step 5: View the report.

 - Use the Interests drop down to filter by marketing interest - Select a marketing interest in the drop down and click Refresh to filter the Evosus Performance Analyzer by marketing interest. The selected For example, open the Leads tab and select Spas to see all of the leads that are interested in spas.

 - How do you print the report? - Click Print to print the graph on the screen.

 - Want to run more reports? - Click a bar on the chart, and then double click on a report in the menu that appears.

Security Permissions Required