Today's Tech Schedule is a dispatch view of the service schedule. The dispatch view allows you to see where all your techs are for a specific day by vehicle or employee.

By clicking the Today's Tech Schedule button on the Employee Tab employees can look at all the service tasks scheduled for that day. The default is the current day and All Service Types but the schedule can be viewed for any day as well as for a specific service type.

The default view is in half hour increments from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm by vehicle. By checking "By Employee" the schedule will switch to being listed out by employee rather than "By Vehicle".

Clicking the Unscheduled button will take you to the Unscheduled Orders list which can be sorted by Sales or Service Transactions for all or a specific store. Note: Scheduling a job from the Unscheduled Orders list will add the task to the dispatch view.  

The -14, -5, -3,-1,+1,+3,+5 and +14 buttons gives the employee the ability to see the schedule from two weeks back to two weeks into the future.

To see high level details of the scheduled service simply click on the yellow highlighted area. Double click the scheduled task to view and edit service task details.

Click Completed to mark the service task as completed.

Click Cancelled to mark the service task as cancelled.

Click Open Order to go to the Service Order.

Print Service Documents

To print documents associated with service tasks go to Administration>Service and Delivery and select a List View (Day, Week or Month). Highlight the tasks you want to print and click Print Docs. Allows you to print all documents associated with the order. Documents will go straight to the printer.

Select Multiple Tasks to Print

 - Highlight the first task, press and hold SHIFT, highlight the last task (selects all tasks in between the first and last highlighted tasks).

 - Highlight the first task, press and hold CTRL, click each task you wish to print (selects only the tasks you highlight).

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Service and Delivery

Service and Delivery Task – Can Change Status

Orders and Invoices

Can Mark Item as Delivered

Orders and Invoices

Sales Order – Can Add Service/Delivery Task


Service and Delivery:  Any changes made on this screen will be reflected on all service and delivery calendars.

Inventory:  Items delivered through this screen will show as delivered on the sales order and will be removed from inventory.

Related Reports

 - Daily Employee Task Schedule (Administration>Reports>Service and Delivery>Daily Employee Task Schedule) - Displays an Employee's Confirmed and Scheduled Service/Delivery Tasks for a day.