Use the Pricing tab on the Customer screen to add customer specific pricing to a customer (Customer > Open a customer > More Options > Pricing sub-tab).

 - Pricing can be created for specific items or entire product lines (including sub-departments). 

 - Special pricing is automatically applied to an item when added to an order which means no discount reason is tracked. If you highlight the customer and search for an item on the Inventory Tab, the customer specific pricing will also appear so you can accurately quote the price of the item.

 - There are two pricing methods available:

#1 Retail Based Level which is determined by the pricing levels defined at the item level.

#2 Cost Based Level which is the current vendor cost plus a percentage.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to Customer > Open a customer > More Options > Pricing sub-tab.

Step 2: Select the item or product line the customer is receiving a discount on. The customer may have pricing on as many items or product lines as you would like.

Step 3: Select the number of items the customer must purchase before the discount is in effect. If the customer only receives a discount if they buy 10 or more items, then you would enter Quantity 10 through 1000 (if the customer can receive a discount on as many as they would like, then enter a large number such as 1000 in the "through" field).

Step 4: Select the pricing option:

    a. Retail Based Pricing: Select a pricing level from the pull down menu. Options are Level 1 through Level 10. Pricing levels are defaulted in the system to begin at 10% and increase to 100%. These discount percents can be changed at the item level (Inventory>Edit Item).

    b. Cost Based Pricing: Enter the percent above cost, such as 5%.

Step 5: Select the Effective Date and Expiration Date. If a pricing level does not expire, select a date far out in the future.