Step by Step: 

Add an alternate name to a customer account to make it easier to locate that account no matter what name the customer gives you. Children, spouses, siblings, friends and roommates can all be added as alternate names on a customer account. Example: If Bill Smith has his sister Jill Johnson as an alternate on his account you may search by Johnson or Smith and the system will still pull up Bill Smith's Customer Profile.

Step 1: Go to Customer > Open a customer > Open the More Options tab > Open the Alternative Name sub-tab.

Step 2: Click Add.

Step 3: Enter the alternative name. Only the First Name field is required, however when searching by the alternate name, you will ONLY be able to find this customer if the last name is used. Please additionally add a last name.  

Step 4: Click OK to save.

Step 5: The next time you use the customer search, you will be able to locate the customer account using the alternative name.