Routes are comprised of one or more quadrants. Routes allow for more effective scheduling because they allow you to group your Quadrants at a high level, rather than relying solely on Quadrants. Routes will appear anywhere a Quadrant will appear as long as the Quadrant is associated with a specific Route.


NE Portland is comprised of multiple zip codes. You can break these zip codes out into separate Quadrants. This will allow you to schedule a service tech in a specific quadrant on a specific day; however, if you need to see what is scheduled in ALL of NE Portland for a specific day, then you would add each Quadrant in NE Portland into a Route called NE Portland. See setup below:

Quadrants Setup

(Add all the zip codes that are included in each Quadrant)

Hollywood District




MLK District



Columbia District



Step by Step:

Step 1: Open the Routes tab (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Routes)

Step 2: Click Add. The Service Route screen appears.

Step 3: Name - Input the name of the route. For example, Route 1.

Step 4: Associated Quadrants - Select the quadrants in the route.

Step 5: Click OK when complete.

Step 6: Test the new route.

 - Open the Customer tab of the main menu.

 - Select Post Code in the Select Search Option section.

 - Input a postal code inside the new route and click Click here to search. The customers in that postal code will appear in the search results.

 - Click on a customer in the search results. The Profile tab at the top of the screen will populate with the customer information. This information will include the route number.

Security Permissions Required



Administration-Service & Delivery

Can Access Service/Delivery Tree Branch