Step by Step:

Set up service vehicles to track service calls by vehicle and technician. 

You can also:

 - Set up a service vehicle as a Stock Site: This allows you to track the inventory in a vehicle.

 - Associate a vehicle with a specific Tech: The vehicle will default each time the tech is assigned to a task. Vehicles are associated with techs using the Techs tab (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Techs).

Step 1: Open the Vehicles tab (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Service Vehicles).

Step 2: Click Add. The New Service Vehicle screen appears.

Step 3: Input a short vehicle description in the Name field.

Step 4: Check the Display in Dispatch Schedule box if the vehicle should display on the service Dispatch Schedule.

Step 5: Click OK to save the new vehicle.

Security Permissions Required

Administration-Service & Delivery
Can Access Service/Delivery Tree Branch
Service and Delivery Vehicles