Use interview questions to create a list of the questions that employees can ask each time a customer calls in with a service/repair issue. Interview questions have several advantages:

#1 Employees can walk the customer through a few troubleshooting steps to avoid an unnecessary service call.

#2 The technician is prepared with the necessary parts and tools based on the explanation of the problem.

#3 Anyone can ask the questions to help troubleshoot the issue.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Open the Interview tab (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Interview Questions).

Step 2: Click Add. The New Service Question Category screen appears.

Step 3: Category Name - Input a name for the interview questions. For example, Spa Leak or Delivery. The Category Name will appear on the Interview tab on a Service Order.

Step 4: Click Save and Add Questions.

Step 5: Input a question, and any additional details. The details will appear with the question on the Service Order.

 - The questions should take into account any information the tech will need prior to going to the site.

 - Questions could also include information that is important if the client is not home when the service is performed (gate codes, dogs, etc.).

Step 6: Click OK to save this question.

Step 7: Click Add to add additional questions to the interview.

Step 8: (optional) Click Change Order of Questions to change the order of the interview questions.

Step 9: Click OK to save the interview.

Import interview questions from spreadsheet

Use the Import From Spreadsheet button on the Interview tab to quickly import the interview questions from an MS Excel spreadsheet (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Interview Questions).

Be careful! This will replace all of the existing interview questions.

Step 1: Open the Interview tab (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Interview Questions).

Step 2: Click Import From Spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet Import screen appears.

Step 3: Click Make Spreadsheet Template and save the template to your machine. This creates a spreadsheet that contains the required columns.

Step 4: Input the interview, question, and question details on the spreadsheet.

Step 5: Locate the spreadsheet that you just created in the Import Spreadsheet field.

Step 6: Click Import Spreadsheet.

Security Permissions Required



Administration-Service & Delivery

Can Access Service/Delivery Tree Branch