Service hours define when the service department is open, and when jobs can be scheduled. This applies to the entire service department.

How do you set up a schedule for a specific tech?

If you want to schedule when a specific tech is available, use the Work Hours and Days section on the Service Tech screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Techs > Select a tech).

What about holidays?

If the service department will be closed on specific days during the month (for example, Christmas, and other holidays), you can use the Blackout Date button on the Search Schedule screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > Search Schedule - Day List) to set up a blackout dates. See Search Schedule List (Day, Week, Month) for more detailed information.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Open the Service Hours tab (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Hours).

Step 2: Double click on a month. The Service Hours Update screen appears.

Step 3: Select the days the service department is open.

Step 4: Enter the Start and End time for each day.

Step 5: Click OK when complete.

Security Permissions Required



Administration-Service & Delivery

Can Access Service/Delivery Tree Branch