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Email a customer:

Right click to cancel an order:

Right click to view service schedule:

Set Default Search Options:

Step by Step:

Use the Customers tab on the main menu to quickly locate customer accounts.

Step 1: Input the search criteria and press Enter. The search results appear in the lower portion of the screen.

 - Customers Only: Check this box to search for customers that have purchased in the past.

 - Open Orders/Invoices Only: Check this box to search for customers that currently have open orders or open invoices on their account.

 - Phone Number: Even when this option is selected, you can input a customer's last name and press ENTER to locate a customer by last name.

Step 2: Click on a customer. The customer information appears in the section at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Right click on a customer to quickly perform a task.

Step 4: To open a customer profile, double click on a customer, or click Select This Customer.

 - Use the right click menu on the Customer tab to quickly perform almost any task. These options are also available via the Notepad icon in Orders, Invoices, Contracts, Jobs, Main Customer Tab, Customer Preview Menu and Employee Action Items.

 - A > icon will appear next to each menu selection that has open transactions below it. For instance, if an open sales order exists for a customer the right click option for Sales Orders will have > in front of it.

Export search results to MS Excel

Helpful Hint: The small Excel button above the scroll bar on the Customer Search screen can also be used to export your customer search list into Excel.

Security Permissions Required

The employee only needs to be able to log into Evosus to Search for a customer. No other permissions are required.

Related Reports

 - Customer Dump To Excel (Administration > Reports > Marketing > Customers > Customer Dump to Excel). Exports all customers in the database to Excel.