Step by Step:

When you purchase Evosus Payroll Services, we set up your company and employee information in Payroll Relief, and we configure the integration information in Evosus Business Management Software using the Payroll Link Setup screen.

Please contact before changing any of the settings on this screen.

Step 1: Set up Payroll Relief. Generally, we perform this step, but Payroll Relief has training videos and online help that provide detailed information.

Step 2: Verify that all employees have a Social Security number entered in Evosus Business Management Software. Use the Profile tab on the Employee screen to add a Social Security number to an employee (Administration > System > Employees > Open an employee).

 - If you work with 1099 contractors, you should also verify that those contracts have a Federal ID setup on the Vendor screen (Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Search Vendors > Open a vendor > Options tab > Federal ID field).

Step 3: Verify that all employees paid using Payroll Relief are also set up in Evosus Business Management Software. 

Step 4: Set up the payroll link.

 - Open the Payroll Link tab on the Payroll Link Setup screen (Evosus Administration > Evosus Payroll Services > General Setup > Payroll Setup).

 - Complete the fields on the Payroll Link tab.
  • Payroll Provider - Select Payroll Relief by Evosus in this field.
  • Vendor For Direct Checks - By default, this is the first active vendor that has the name Accountant's World or Accountants World.
  • Payroll Bank Account - The bank account assigned to the imported checks. By default, this is the bank account of the most recent check written to the Vendor For Direct Checks.
  • Payroll Clearing Account - The GL Account the imported checks will be applied to. By default, this is the active GL Account with a Description of Payroll Clearing.
  • Firm Code and Client Code - The firm code must be EVOSU9510. Verify that the client code is correct.
  • Start Date - Input the date you want to start importing payroll using Evosus Payroll Services.
  • Logon and Password - By default, these fields will populate with the correct values after you upgrade to this release. The logon should be EvosusA.
  • Company Contact, Phone, and Email - Input who Evosus should contact if there is an issue with payroll.
  • Import Journal Entries By Section - By default, this box is checked.
    • When the Import Journal Entries By Section box is checked, the system imports three separate journal entries...
      • PR-1 - Wages, and commissions are debited, and deductions/withholdings are credited.
      • PR-2 - Social security and Medicare expenses are debited, and social security and Medicare withholdings payable are credited.•PR-3 - Federal and state unemployment is debited, and unemployment withholdings payable is credited.
    • When the Import Journal Entries By Section box is not checked, the system imports a single journal entry...

      The three journal entries are combined into a single entry. This is how the system worked before Patch v6.4.54.

      When this box is checked, the Journal Count column on the Payroll Dashboard still displays 3 when the paycheck data is imported and a single journal entry is imported.

 - Complete the Departments tab. All of the departments set up in Payroll Relief in Employer > Departments must be set up on this tab.
  • Default Store/Department - Select the default store.
  • Export by Department - Only check this box if you use departments.
  • Department Delimiter - Do not change the value in this field.
  • Click Add to add a department to the list. All of the departments set up in Payroll Relief in Employer > Departments must be on this tab.

Step 5: (optional) Set up the pay types if you allocate the expenses by department. This is set up in Payroll Relief.

 - You only have to complete this tab if the Allocate expenses by department box is checked in Payroll Relief (Employer > G/L Accounts > Department Accounts section). See the Payroll Relief help for more detailed information.

 - Open the Payroll Pay Types tab on the Payroll Link screen.

 - Review the pay types and make any necessary adjustments.

 - Click Close when complete.

Step 6: (optional) Do you want the import to automatically run each day?

 - Open the Summary tab on the Payroll Dashboard (Evosus Administration > Evosus Payroll Services > Payroll Dashboard).

 - Check the Automatically Import My Payroll Data Daily box.
  • If you do not check this box, you have to manually import payroll data using the Import Payroll Now button on the Summary tab of the Payroll Dashboard (Administration > Evosus Payroll Services > Payroll Dashboard).

Step 7: Review/update the security permissions. Permissions are set up in Administration > System > Security.

Step 8: (optional) Set up who is notified when a batch is successful or fails.

 - You can set up the application to create action items when an Evosus Payroll Services batch is successful, or fails. These are action items that appear in the Employee Action Item Search screen for selected employees (Employee > My Action Items). For example, you can use this feature to notify employees when a batch is successful so they can finish processing the batch.

 - Open the Evosus Event Evosus Event Notify Maintenance screen (Administration > System > Miscellaneous > Evosus Notification).

 - Open the Payroll Import - Failed to Import tab, and select the employees that should be notified when a payroll batch fails.

 - Open the Payroll Import - Successful Import tab, and select the employees that should be notified when a payroll batch is successful.

Step 9: You are ready to use Evosus Payroll Services.