Use the Inventory Valuation Report to determine the current value of inventory based on your preferred inventory valuation method. Valuation methods include Average Cost, LIFO and FIFO and can be changed through Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Defaults > Inventory Tab. Company inventory account balances are often adjusted to match this report. Go to Administration > Reports > Inventory > Items > Inventory Valuation Report.


 - As Of Date - Past Inventory Snapshot: Evosus automatically creates a snapshot of the inventory on the 1st and 15th of every month.  The most recent snapshot populates the drop down list.

 - Product Line: Product lines group your inventory items into high level categories, e.g. Accessories, BBQs & Grills, Chemicals, or Covers.

 - Item Class: Item classes are a calculated value that display the popularity of an item using a letter grade (A-F).

 - Stock site: A stock site is any location that carries inventory, e.g. retail stores, warehouses, and service vehicles.

Print Options

- Detail Report: Displays detailed list of inventory values for each item currently in stock by Product Line and Stock Site. Inventory values are totaled by Product Line for each Stock Site.

- Items marked as Do Not Sell and moved to the zzarchivedzz folder appear on the report. These items will appear on the Inventory Valuation Report when the item still contains a quantity on hand. To correct this, you will need activate the item and perform a Stock Adjustment to bring the quantity on hand to zero.

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