Use the Top Item Analysis Report to generate an MS Excel spreadsheet of the top items (Administration > Reports > Inventory > Items > Top Item Analysis).


 - Product Line: Product lines group your inventory items into high level categories, e.g. Accessories, BBQs & Grills, Chemicals, or Covers.

 - Item Class: Item classes are a calculated value that display the popularity of an item using a letter grade (A-F).

 - Stock site: A stock site is any location that carries inventory, e.g. retail stores, warehouses, and service vehicles.

Report filtered by Stock Site, but SoldYTDLastYear and SoldYTDThisYear totals are for all stock sites?

Filtering by stock site only limits the quantity information on the far right of the report: QOH_SS, Total_QOH, Reserved, Available, etc. If you have all Stock Sites selected, then you see a QOH figure for each stock site and the total QOH information is a sum of all stock sites. The YTD figures are not affected by the stock site selected - they are a company total. The Sales figures are looking at sales across all stores and stock sites.

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