Use the Inquiry to Order Lag Time Report to see the number of days the customer is taking to make a purchase decision (Administration > Reports > Marketing > Campaigning > Inquiry To Order Lag Time). This report only includes sales orders, and it displays the total number of orders in a given time frame and how many days after the initial inquiry the order was created. The report can also be filtered by Campaign Stream or Advertising Code allowing you to evaluate individual campaigns or advertising methods to determine their effectiveness.

This report is great for...

 - Analyzing your "Big Ticket" Items.

 - Figuring out where in your campaign stream customers are purchasing, and determining the effectiveness of each effort.

Be careful when selecting a date range

The date the customer initially inquires and the date that they actually purchase are the two important factors in this report.

 - Inquired: Base the report on inquired date. For example, you are saying "Of the customers who inquired in the first quarter of this year, how long did it take them to make a purchase decision."

 - Ordered: Base the report on ordered date. For example, you are saying "Of the customers who ordered last month, how long did it take them to make a purchase decision.


 - Campaign Stream: Use this option to determine the success of a particular campaign.
  • Campaign streams are associated with marketing interests, which can be added to a customer account using the Customer screen (Customer > Open a customer > Marketing > Interests tab).

 - Advertising Channel: The Advertising Channel (i.e. Billboard, Direct Mail, Magazine, Newspaper) can be selected to view only orders generated based on a specific advertising code. The Advertising Code is selected when the lead is initially added to Evosus or when a new Interest is added for the customer.

 - Order Salesperson: The Order salesperson is the employee that initially entered the order for the customer. This employee can be different from the Inquiry Salesperson.

 - Order Source: Order Sources are entered on the Profile Tab of the Sales Order and include Store, Internet, POS, Phone, Fax, POS-AR, Service and Maintenance.

Summary Report

Displays a chart depicting order quantity versus days from inquiry. Two graphs also display Order Count and Sales Dollars information listed in the chart. Chart Information Includes:

 - Order Count: Number of Orders entered X number of days past inquiry date. Ex: Zero days, 1-7 days, 8-14 days continuing to 151 plus days.

 - Order Count %: Percentage of orders falling within a specific “Days from Inquiry” range. Ex: 15.5% of orders are created within 15-30 days of initial customer inquiry.

 - Sales Dollars: Total sales dollars generated from orders created within a specific “Days from Inquiry” range.

 - Sales Dollars %: Percentage of sales dollars generated within a specific “Days from Inquiry”

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