Use the Order Register Report to see a list of list of sales, service, and return transactions in any status for any period of time (Administration > Reports > Sales > Orders and Invoices > Order Register). This report is similar to the Order Profit Register Report, but the Order Profit Register Report includes COGS, Profit, and Profit Percentage (Profit / Item Total).


 - Accounting Period: Accounting periods are created, closed, and reopened using the Periods tab on the Accounting Setup screen.

 - Marketing Interest: Use marketing interests to link a lead and their purchases to a specific interest. For example, when a customer interested in barbecues comes into your store, add the BBQ & Grill marketing interest when they input the lead. You can then follow up with a marketing campaign to encourage a new purchase.

 - You can add an interest to a customer using the Customer screen (Customer > Open a customer > Marketing > Interests tab).

 - Customer type: Use customer types to setup different customer classifications, e.g. Commercial, Residential, or Wholesale.
  • A customer type is added to a customer using the Profile tab of the Customer screen.

 - Flag: Use order flags to classify your orders, e.g. holds, rentals, or financing.


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