Use the Watkins Manufacturing Integration Setup screen to enable and set up the Watkins Integration. You only have to perform these steps to set up the integration.

Step by Step:

Set up a Watkins Manufacturing integration

Step 1: Open the Watkins Manufacturing Integration Setup screen (Administration > Industry Integrations > General Setup > Watkins Manufacturing).

Step 2: Check the Enable Watkins Manufacturing Integration box.

Step 3: Access User Name, Access Password - These are available from Watkins Manufacturing.

Step 4: Matching Evosus Vendor - Select the Watkins Manufacturing vendor record that you have set up in Evosus.

Step 5: Click Test Communications with Watkins.

What if the test is unsuccessful?

 - Verify that the Access User Name, and Access Password is correct.

 - Verify that you have an internet connection.

 - If everything checks out, you should contact Watkins Manufacturing to verify that your connection information is correct.

Step 6: Click OK when complete.

Step 7: Now that the integration, you can use it to do the following:

 - Import New Inventory

 - Update Cost on Existing Inventory


Security Permissions Required