Step by Step:

What is the best way to charge shipping to a customer? Is there an automated way to charge shipping based on home delivery or in-store pick-up?

 - Currently, there is no automated feature that calculates and adds charges for shipping. Some clients calculate shipping based on mileage and they enter this charge on the items tab of the order in "freight" field. The charge will post to the Accounting default Admin > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Default > Acct. Rev > Customer Order Freight. If the freight field does not currently appear on orders, you will need to set your system parameter for orders to display the field:

Step 1: Go to Administration > System > Evosus Defaults > System Parameters > Orders and Invoices

Step 2: Find the parameter called "Enable Freight Field on Sales/Service

Step 3: In the Value column, enter Yes

Step 4: Click Close

Another option would be to add an 'Other' type item that can be added to the customer's order. Go to the Inventory Tab in the Main Menu and click Add Item.