Click the 'Process This Contract Now' button on the Schedule-Unprocessed tab of the Contract screen to run the Contract Processing Job immediately on the selected job (Administration > Maintenance Contracts > Search Contracts > Open a contract).

 - When the Contract Processing Job runs, it checks the current day to the 'Contract Batch Run' Day in your system parameters. If the contract batch run day is set to a future day, no contract orders will be processed for the next month; however, Evosus will process any contract orders for the current month.  

 - If the contract batch run day is the current day, Evosus will process any orders for the current month, next month as well as months into the future (based upon the system parameter for processing maintenance contract orders into the future). For example, today is March 2nd and my batch day within system parameters is set to the 25th of the month. My first contract order is scheduled for April 1st. When I choose 'Process Contract Now', Evosus will not process the April order, or any future orders, since it's not the 25th. However, on March 25th the April Order and remaining orders (for months set into the future) will be processed. If I change my system parameter to the current date, and run the contract processing again - the April orders, and future orders (based upon the system parameter), will be processed.