We do not recommend backdating a POS transaction.

Payment might be included in a closed cash drawer session

If this happens, the payment may be included in a cash drawer session that has been closed, so you will not be able to deposit the payment through the Cash or Checks screens in Make Deposits.  This means the cash drawer, if not deposited, will not include the payment in the deposit amount field.

If you need to backdate a transaction...

 - If you need to back date a transaction, determine if there is a cash drawer session open for the payment. 

 - To record the backdated sale, change your Processing Date in the lower right hand corner of the screen and record a sales order and invoice in the customer's account.  

 - If a cash drawer session is not open (with an open date including or prior to the payment date), the employee should notify the accounting department when they record the payment so they can make the appropriate adjustments in the bank deposit.  

 - To record the bank deposit, you will need to use the Other Cash/Checks screen and choose the appropriate Cash on Hand account in the Credit field.