Step by Step:

Inventory items cannot be deleted. The application requires that the record exists so that it can always provide an accurate history when running Inventory reports, viewing transactions, etc. But you can prevent the item from being sold by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Main Menu>Inventory

Step 2: Locate the item from the tree or by searching

Step 3: Go to the Options screen and un-check the box "Sell This Item."  The item will not show up in the inventory tree of POS and orders if the item is not available for sale. These items are only viewable when browsing the Inventory Tree from the Inventory Tab although they can be searched for if the user is logged in as Admin. Do Not Sell items display with a red X next to them.

Step 4: Go to the Profile screen click the "Product Line Department" icon. Place the item into the zzArchivedzz folder of the Parent Product line it's currently located in. Items in archive cannot be pulled up to use for sales transactions - even if the item code is typed in.