The Item Dump Report exports a filtered list of inventory items to MS Excel (Administration > Reports > Inventory > Items > Item Dump). This report is similar to the one used when updating existing inventory using the Import/Export Utility, but it is not the same report and cannot be used for importing changes. This report can take a long time to run.

Use this report for the following:

#1 This is the best report for locating all items by type (stock, non-stock, labor, other).

#2 View the status of multiple items including serial number enforcement, price, cost, and associated vendors.

#3 Determine the Sell By unit of measure of inventory items - For example, you cannot deactivate a unit of measure if it is assigned to an inventory item. Use this report to determine which items are assigned the unit of measure, remove the unit of measure from those items, and then deactivate the unit of measure. 

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