The ClearCare Expert water analysis program is available exclusively to certified Lonza Dealers. Lonza partnered with Evosus to not only develop ClearCare, but to create a seamless integration with Evosus  Enterprise. As an Evosus client, you are able to experience the benefits of this exclusive integration. Customers are automatically synced between databases to eliminate double entry and equipment and invoice history from Evosus are stored in ClearCare for easy reference. You'll even be able to run analytical reports to identify which products generate the most revenue after water tests and which products are recommended, but never sold. This information helps you identify education opportunities and the chance to sell more product. Visit or contact your local Lonza sales rep for more information about ClearCare Expert. 

Integration Overview

Lonza® selected Evosus® as their partner to open the door for complete POS integration with ClearCare™ Expert Water Analysis software, a Lonza dealer exclusive.  Water analysis software is key in generating repeat sales for any pool and spa dealership, but business owners also need a way to track and manage those sales. Our exclusive integration with ClearCare Expert allows Evosus users to turn water test results into real business growth and profit.

Enable Evosus Integration within ClearCare Expert

Step 1: In ClearCare, go to Administration > Evosus.

Step 2: Check the box “I want to integrate ClearCare with my Evosus database” to enable the integration.

Step 3: Enter the Server Name.

Step 4: Enter the database name. This will most likely be EVO PROD, but if you are not sure, login to Evosus and go to Help > About > Company

Step 5: Click Use Default Login to enter the Server Login and Server Password.

Step 6: Click Test Connection.  You should receive the message “Evosus Integration Successful.”

Step 7: Click Save.

Enable ClearCare Integration within Evosus

Step 1: In Evosus, go to Administration > Industry Integrations > General Setup > ClearCare(TM) Expert by Arch

Step 2: Check the box “Enable Arch Chemicals Integration” to enable the integration.

Step 3: SQL Server Name will auto-populate

Step 4: Database Name will auto-populate

Step 5: Click set default credentials

Step 6: Choose the Matching Evosus Vendor

Step 7: Press Verify Connection. You should receive the message “Integration Successful.”

Step 8: Click OK.

How Does the Integration Work?

The customer data sync is initiated when a new customer is created in ClearCare.

All customers added to ClearCare since the last sync will be added to Evosus. The customer record must contain at least an address, phone number OR email to be included in the sync. Blank customer records (name only) will not be transferred. Only customers in Evosus with sales activity in the last 7 days are sent to ClearCare Expert during the sync.

Duplicate checks run before adding new customers to either database. Phone and email exact matches are two points, which is the minimum required to consider a customer a duplicate.

Customer data transfer includes:

 - Customer Name

 - Address

 - Phone

 - Email

POS Integration

All customers with water tests completed in ClearCare within the last 8 hours will display by default in the Evosus POS customer search screen.

Viewing Evosus Data in ClearCare Expert

All ClearCare Expert customers that are associated to an Evosus customer record will display Evosus sales history*, equipment history, and site profile data in the ClearCare Expert customer profile. This information is NOT stored in the ClearCare Expert database, which means it cannot be updated or edited. The information is displayed directly from the Evosus database and is for informational purposes.

Sales history includes:

 - POS Invoices

 - Sales Invoices

 - Service Invoices

Reports Integration

There are two Evosus-related sales reports in ClearCare (Reporting>Evosus):

#1 Sales Performance

#2 Sales Performance by Product Line

These reports use sales information in Evosus to evaluate sales performance immediately following a water test. Users can select the date range to use when running the performance evaluation. For example, if the user enters 3 days Evosus will include all sales processed within 3 days of the Water Test Date Range selected on the Date Range menu.