Physical setup:

Step 1: Plug your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.


Step 2: Plug the power connector into the back of the printer.

bixolon-SRP-77011-2Step 3: Load the roll of labels into the printer so that the labels are on the top as they come out of the printer

Step 4: Turn the power on and give the printer 30 seconds to warm up.

 - The printer will automatically grab an IP address once it is plugged into your network and turned on.

 - To print out that IP address, using a pen, press the function button to the left of the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.



Printer Software Installation:

Step 1: On a workstation, log into Windows with an Administrative account.  

Step 2: Open Internet Explorer and in the address bar, enter that IP address and hit enter.

 - This will open the printer web management interface.


Step 3: Adjust the Serial speed to 230400.

Step 4: Adjust the IP address as needed.

Step 5: Insert the driver disk that came with your Bixolon 770II printer. (If it doesn’t autoplay, go ahead and start it)


Step 6: Click on the SRP-770II square-


Step 7: Click on Windows Driver and another window will open-


 Step 8: Double click on the Driver folder-


Step 9: Start the installation by double clicking on the Installer.exe. If you get a User Account Control warning message, choose Yes to continue


Step 10: Choose Next-


Step 11: Select the Bixolon SRP-770II and choose Next


 Step 12: On this window change the Printer name field to “[1]Barcode Printer”, then click on the Add TCP/IP Port button


Step 13: Click Next


Step 14: In the Printer Name or IP Address field, enter the IP address assigned to your printer-


 Step 15: Click Next


  - It will come up with a window saying the device was not found.


 Step 16: Ignore this and continue by clicking Next

bixolon-SRP-77011-17Step 17: It will show you a configuration window. Click Finish. This brings you back to the Printer Options window

bixolon-SRP-77011-18Step 18: The IP address that you added should now be highlighted. Click Next

bixolon-SRP-77011-19Step 19: Uncheck the Launch installation of Bixolon Font downloader Setup Wizard checkbox and choose Finish

bixolon-SRP-77011-20 - If you get a Program Compatibility Assistant window, choose This program installed correctly

Step 20: Open your list of Printers (Control Panel or Devices and Printers depending on your computers operating system), and the Bixolon printer should now be listed

bixolon-SRP-77011-21Step 21: Right click on the printer and choose Printer Properties

bixolon-SRP-77011-22Step 22: Click on the Stocks tab at the top

bixolon-SRP-77011-23Step 23: Select the BIXOLON 2.5 x 1.0 (inch) Stock and click the Change button at the bottom

Step 24: Adjust the Label Width to 2.40 inches and click the OK button


Step 25: Click on the General tab

bixolon-SRP-77011-26Step 26: Click on the Preferences button

bixolon-SRP-77011-27Step 27: Adjust the Stocks setting to use the BIXOLON 2.5 x 1.0 (inch) label size and click OK


Step 28: Choose the Advanced tab at the top

bixolon-SRP-77011-29Step 29: Click on the Printing Defaults button at the bottom left

bixolon-SRP-77011-30Step 30: Adjust the Stocks setting to use the BIXOLON 2.5 x 1.0 (inch) label size and click OK. Click OK again to close the Properties window.

Evosus Settings:

Step 1: Log into the Evosus software with an Administrative account

Step 2: Open the Administration tab

bixolon-SRP-77011-31Step 3: Expand the System folder, then Evosus Defaults



Step 4: Double click on System Parameters

bixolon-SRP-77011-33Step 5: Adjust the Label Paper Size Code field to 260


Step 6: In the column on the left, choose Printing


Step 7: Adjust the Barcode Label Printer Top Margin to 20 \ the Barcode Label Printer Bottom Margin to 10 \ the Barcode Label Printer Left Margin to 200 \ Barcode Label Printer Right Margin to 10.

Step 8: Make sure that the Windows Users Default Windows printer is set to a standard Network Laser Printer - not a receipt printer or a Multi-function printer.

You are ready to print barcodes!