You created an Auto-email creative, and attached your HTML file, but it will not display, and you receive the message "This program cannot display the webpage"


Your HTML document could be right, but the HTML body might not display correctly in a creative because it does not support some of the new HTML techniques. If you have verified the HTML document is saved on the Evosus share and can be viewed in a web browser, we recommend sending the HTML file from Mailbox Test. This will ensure the mailbox is correct and your HTML file works. If the HTML file works in the mailbox test, it will work in the Creative even if it does not display correctly. 

To use the test mailbox feature:

Step 1: Go to Administration > System > Miscellaneous > Mailboxes

Step 2: Open the Mailbox.

Step 3: Click "Send Test from Mailbox."

Step 4: Enter a Send To email address.

Step 5: Click Attach HTML body and browse to select your HTML file.

Step 6: Click Send Test Email.