Items were received in error but you can’t delete the Item receipt from the PO.  The item on the receipt has been moved in some way which prevents you from deleting the item receipt.  There is no other way to clear item receipts other than attaching them to a vendor invoice.   


Step 1: Perform a stock adjustment to remove the item(s) from inventory

 - When stock adjusting out the items you should have permissions to edit the cost of the item since you will want to stock adjust this item out using the same cost as when it was received.

 - Make sure you find out what GL account is associated to the stock adjustment reason code as you will need it when creating the Debit memo. Go to Administration>Inventory>General Setup>Stock Adjustment Reasons and find the reason code you used and note the GL number 

Step 2: Create a bill for this vendor

Step 3: Move to Inventory Tab - Check off each item receipt received in error to this bill

Step 4: In the invoice total field enter in the amount of the apply inventory tab total.

Step 5: Then Save the bill

Step 6: Create a Debit memo to this vendor using the same GL account as you used in the stock adjustment reason code. Save the memo

Step 7: Then go to pay bills and select the bill you just created

 - Select apply credits button in the lower left.

 - Select the debit memo you created just for this and enter in the applyinvoice column the amount of the debit memo which should be the same amount as the invoice.

 - Select OK

Step 8: Pay bill

Step 9: Confirm you want to pay the bill.