The Pending Held Posting Transactions displays a list of all transactions in Evosus currently “on hold” (Administration > Accounting > Accounting Desk > Pending Held Posting Transactions). These transactions will not post until they are manually taken off hold or activity occurs to take them off hold, such as negative quantity transactions.

Review prior to posting to/closing an accounting period

Review this screen prior to posting and prior to closing an accounting period. Accounting periods cannot be closed until all held transactions in that period are resolved. The Pending Held Posting Transactions list can also be accessed from Accounting Periods.

Manual holds

Most transactions are placed on hold manually, such as vendor invoices, checks, debit memos, journal entries, progress bills and job bills. Checking the “Hold Posting” box on the transaction prevents the transaction from posting until the box is unchecked.

Negative inventory holds

Other transactions are placed on hold because of negative inventory quantity on hand. For instance, if items are delivered on a customer order, invoice or job and the delivery causes quantity on hand to go negative the transaction is automatically placed on hold until inventory is received to cover the negative. 

 - Inventory could be received on purchase orders, inter-company purchase orders, stock transfers or stock adjustments. 

 - When enough inventory is received to cover the negative, the transactions are automatically taken off hold and will post as of the original transaction date.

Physical count holds

Lastly, Physical Counts in progress are also listed in Help Pending Transactions since they cannot post until the count is completed.

 - Click 'Go to Transaction' to view the held transaction.

 - Click Refresh to refresh the list of held transactions after editing a transaction in the list and taking it off hold.

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Accounting

*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

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 - Posting Activity (Administration > Reports > Accounting > Posting Activity): View General Ledger transactions for a specified date range. This report has click-thru capability to easily view all sub ledger transactions for a specific general ledger transaction.